Stupendous Word of the Day: Back for More

(C) PDPics -

(C) PDPics –

Classes started back up this week.  My new schedule is so much better than spring was and than summer was…even though I’m taking 11 credits, I’m only teaching 2 classes.  This is such a load off, I can’t even begin to tell you.

But, it means that my lovely post on fats and anxiety has been languishing in draft status whilst I’ve been writing syllabi and freaking out about if I’d be able to handle Chemistry 2 and Microbiology at the same time (Chemistry 2 is totally the same material that I learned in biochemistry back in the spring. WHEW.  And Microbiology seems like it will be interesting – we’re going to be focusing on viruses and bacteria – I’ll definitely be fascinated by that).

So, I promise to finish it up in the next day or so and get it posted, because there is some cool stuff I’ve been reading and figuring out.  But in the meantime, here’s another fun health class word of the day!! Drumroll please…


Being the plural of canaliculus, which is a small canal or tubular passage in the body.  For example, lacrimal canaliculi are in the eyelids, bile canaliculi in the liver, and bone canaliculi in, of course, your bones, etc.  I first learned about them when I was learning about the skeletal system in Anatomy and Physiology over the summer, and so naturally I think that bone canaliculi are the coolest (I really enjoyed the unit on bones).  The way they function is fascinating.  But, strictly from a lingual standpoint, I have to say that lacrimal canaliculi is definitely the most fun to say, and they’re also the easiest to see on your own body! Just look in the mirror and pull down your lower eyelid – all those red squiggly lines you see there are your lacrimal canaliculi!!

Personally, I like the word because it makes me think of cannoli, which makes me think of the Godfather.  Plus, anything with the word “lick” in it is just plain funny, am I right?

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