I Eat Like a Two Year Old: The Story of a Picky Eater

(c) pbs.org 2009

(c) pbs.org 2009

I get a daily email from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, of which I am a member (hooray for student discounts, am I right??), chock full of cool articles, interesting studies, and bizarre findings having to do with nutrition, both from clinical journals and from more public-friendly sources, like ABC News.  One of them that really tickled my fancy this week was called “Kids Not Eating Vegetables? Is It The Texture?” 1.

I immediately clicked on the link because I am frequently guilty of describing myself this way:

“I eat like a two-year-old.”

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Wily Little Bastards

So, I promised cool bacteria pictures, and I shall deliver!

Since I’m taking microbiology, I’ve naturally been learning a ton of cool stuff about bacteria.  Let me just say – bacteria are wily little bastards. Considering they are unicellular and prokaryotic (aka they’re single celled and don’t have a nucleus, so you’d think they wouldn’t be very smart), they are extremely adept at surviving no matter what and taking us down in the process.  Even after they die, they leave their DNA behind so that other bacterium can pick it up and use it to survive the environment.  That is just crazy! Continue reading