Feedback, please!

So I’ve had a post about chronic illness, the holidays, and depression muddling around in my head for the last few weeks. Before I start writing it, I’d like to know what you all deal with at this time of year, rather than just including my own experiences.

So, in the comments or via email, please take a minute and let me know:
*Do you have a chronic illness? What good/bad influences does that have on the holiday season for you?
*Do you struggle with depression, anxiety, or panic attacks? Does the holiday season exacerbate that, and how do you cope?
*Particularly, how do you deal with the increased intensity of family time, social commitments, shopping (grocery, clothing, gifts), etc. when you are also dealing with a chronic illness and/or depression/anxiety? What extra stressors trigger you the most?

Answer one, two, or all three; or just tell me what’s on your mind at this time of year…and feel free to comment anonymously! You can also email me using the Contact page on this blog. I’d really appreciate your feedback!

One thought on “Feedback, please!

  1. I’ll keep it brief since i’m in one of my better moods, i am muslim so i am not celebrating christmas however we do have our family holidays and i tend to get extremely anxious until its over. And depression.. Well thats a struggle that comes and goes.


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