What Did We Ever Do Without Google?

In case you haven’t seen this week, Google has potentially found the Loch Ness monster. Because telling us things like the amount of ounces in a tablespoon of sugar or exactly how many episodes of Golden Girls there are or how to fix my phone when it won’t turn back on just isn’t enough for them. Continue reading

The Magical Fruit

(c) Loretta Lynn, pixabay.com

(c) Loretta Lynn, pixabay.com

A few weeks ago we did “plant proteins” in Food Science lab.

Aka, beans, nuts, legumes, etc.  This involved eating lots of tofu and lots of beans.

Let me start by saying that normally, I pick beans out of everything.  I don’t like them.  Chili? Should be beanless.  Chipotle? Just give me the steak, please.  Childish? Absolutely.  But I. Don’t. Like. Beans. Continue reading

We All Scream!

For ice cream!

Today in lab we made a bunch of different kinds of ice cream.  We won’t actually be able to eat them until our last lab, in the last week of April, but we made them and put them in the freezer today.  Vanilla, Custard, Chocolate, Lime Sherbert…

YUM. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Majors

(c) jjava - fotolia.com

(c) jjava – fotolia.com

Right now, I am in what’s called DP: the didactic program for dietetics.  This basically means that I am not doing my internship whilst also in school (that would be called CP, or coordinated program) Continue reading