A Tale of Two Majors

(c) jjava - fotolia.com

(c) jjava – fotolia.com

Right now, I am in what’s called DP: the didactic program for dietetics.  This basically means that I am not doing my internship whilst also in school (that would be called CP, or coordinated program).  Instead of doing the internship simultaneously with classes (which sounds awesome in theory but would also mean I wouldn’t be able to work for two years, since I’d be in school full time and also interning between 20-30 hours per week), I have to apply AND pay for an internship after I graduate with my B.S. in Dietetics.  The internships take anywhere from 9 months to 18 months, and you cannot take the exam to be a registered dietitian until you’ve completed one.

The kicker is that only 50% of students actually get internships.  For some reason, although there are plenty of dietitian positions (people keep using the word “exploding” when they describe the field), there aren’t enough people willing to run internships for students, so there’s a very limited number available.

As you might imagine, the competition is FIERCE.

Anyway, my school has another nutrition major that basically lets you work in food marketing.  This major does not require an internship, and you stand to make a ton more money in that field than you do as a dietitian.

But I want to be a dietitian.

So I’m thinking of double majoring. That way, if I don’t get an internship right away, I can get a job in marketing and do that for a year until I can reapply.  It will also look good on my resume for the internship.  Covering my bases and whatnot.

There are two downsides:

1 – it will require taking an extra 2 classes per semester, which means I’ll be carrying anywhere from 15-18 credits, instead of the 9-12 I would be taking with just the DP.

2 – I don’t know if I’ll like business classes.  What if they’re boring?

So, for right now, I’m registered for all the classes I’d need for the double major for fall semester and one class for summer semester, to get a jump-start.

But basically I’m thinking, more stress now, less stress later.  Instead of my entire future riding on that internship application, I’ll be marketable outside of that realm.  And that lifts a HUGE weight off my shoulders.

P.S. During this ungodly winter that finally seems to be over, I spent a lot of time looking at internships down south.  If I have to go out of state for this thing, I am damn well going somewhere without snow!

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