What Did We Ever Do Without Google?

In case you haven’t seen this week, Google has potentially found the Loch Ness monster. Because telling us things like the amount of ounces in a tablespoon of sugar or exactly how many episodes of Golden Girls there are or how to fix my phone when it won’t turn back on just isn’t enough for them.



Google: taking over the world.

If you remember, last year Apple satellites claimed to have captured photographic evidence of Nessie, but the pictures looked nothing like the slender necked creature we’re all used to imagining.

redorbit.com 2014

redorbit.com 2014

But this Google version is way cooler! They got the pictures by actually putting a camera in the Loch (which means “lake,” if you didn’t know), on a boat.  You can see above and below the water to varying degrees, depending on where you click.  I have always wanted to go to Scotland, and this is as close as I’m going to get for the foreseeable future.

Google Maps 2015

Google Maps 2015

Google: making dreams come true.

I looked at pretty much every possible angle, and of course, didn’t see anything of significance.  But I was kind of suspicious that it was a really mean joke, and a scary, fanged monster was suddenly going to rush at the screen! It didn’t.  Because Google isn’t mean like that.



Google: a true gentleman.

See it all for yourself here!

I realize that this has nothing to do with what I usually blog about.  But it’s nearly finals week.  And since I spent about a half an hour “looking for Nessie” instead of studying embryology and gametogenesis for my Anatomy final, I think this counts as “school stuff.”

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