Summer To-Do: Checking In 6/28

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(c) maksim pasko –                              (text added by emilystarblog)

It’s been a little over two weeks since I posted about my summer to-do list, so I thought I’d check in.  You know – accountability and such. Continue reading

Stupendous Word of The Day, 6/26/2015

(C) PDPics -

(C) PDPics –

I’ve been working through my human nutrition textbook. Right now I’m in the “go over what you should already have learned” stages, one of which is reviewing basic organic chemistry and the macronutrients (the biggies: protein, carbohydrates, and lipids).  As I go through the carbohydrate chapter, I am reminded of one of my favorite words: Continue reading

A Menu of Red, White, and Blue

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(c) jameslee –

It’s that time again…cookouts, friends, fireworks, and celebrating our country. I was thinking a lot about our independence last year, because of the Scottish referendum for independence from Great Britain. It’s really amazing what our tiny – at the time – country accomplished. I am so proud to live here and be an American. Continue reading

How to Make the Best Coffee

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(c) sarahdoow –

I already told you about the last day of Intro to Medical Nutrition Therapy, so today I want to fill you in on what was possibly – aside from ice cream day – the best day of Food Science class ever:

Coffee and Tea Day. Continue reading

Grover’s Advice for Picky Eaters

Speaking of picky eaters (which I do fairly often here – most recently yesterday, but also here and here), I stumbled upon a video on The New York Times’ website that is on that very subject.

It’s called “Ask Grover: How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables” and is a lot of fun. Grover was my favorite of the Sesame Street gang back in the day, so obviously I’m going to listen to his advice. Continue reading

A Pink Princess and a Purple Dragon

(c) emilystarblog 2015

(c) emilystarblog 2015

Who doesn’t love smoothies? They’re one of the best parts of summer. Sweet, cool, refreshing, filling…and super pretty in a glass! None of this beige-colored iced coffee business. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll never turn down an iced vanilla latte.  But smoothies are somehow extra special. Continue reading

The Cure for Boredom

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I read this post about a summer bucket list by an awesome fellow blogger here on WordPress, and it got me thinking. I may have already mentioned that I live by lists.  I have shopping lists on my phone, to do lists in my email and on a special mousepad with a weekly to-do list on it (this is possibly the single greatest thing I have ever purchased in my life), and other various lists on Post-Its all over the place (i.e. songs I want to learn on my fiddle, the items I sold the most of in my Etsy shop last year, books I want to read…).  The lists pretty much never end.

So, naturally, the idea of a summer bucket list appeals to me.  However, I also agree with Brey of Ordinary Adventures that one summer is not necessarily the place or time to complete items you want to do before you die. Really, over a summer you can only complete a to-do list with a few items of cosmic importance added in.  And, as you may have gleaned, there are lots of things I’d like to get done this summer. Some fun, some for school, some for my dietetics resume, and some more of the bucket-list persuasion.

For Fun

1. Spend lots of time at the pool. This one is easy. As a semi-pro list maker, I heartily believe in including items that are quickly accomplished and easily crossed off.  And especially after this past winter, I plan to soak up as much sun as humanly possible.

(c) 2015

(c) 2015

2. Bake. A lot. I looove to bake, but during the school year I don’t have a lot of extra energy to spend in the kitchen.  I have Pinterest boards full of cool recipes, but so far I’ve only made banana nut bread and sumbitch cookies (points for catching the How I Met Your Mother reference), both of which I’ve made multiple times before (in the case of sumbitches, countless times. They’re amazing).  So I want to branch out.

3. Find a community orchestra to play with. Most orchestras take breaks during the summer, but I’d like to find one I can join once fall comes back around.  I haven’t played with a group yet, so this will be a fun challenge for me.

4. Read 50 new books. I’m being a little conservative with that number – I can probably read more (a Master’s in English Lit means I’m basically a professional reader).  But I also have a lot of older books I want to reread this summer, so stipulating that at least 50 should be new is a good rule of thumb.

For School/Dietetics Resume

5. Volunteer. I’m already scheduled to help out with a kids’ nutrition camp during July, but I’d also like to spend some time at a local food pantry – somewhere that I can keep working during the school year. I need to get myself in gear and make this happen.

6. Shadow professional dietitians. If I want to get into CP, I need to spend a certain amount of time shadowing (it’s part of the application). But since I’m double majoring in dietetics and food marketing, I think that shadowing would also be a great way to figure out which way I’m leaning.  I have a list of people I want to contact, but again, need to make it happen.

7. Post to this blog 2-3 times per week. I slack a little at writing here during the school year.  But I really want to push myself this summer and turn this into a space that interests other dietetics students, people who love food and learning, and people with/who know others with chronic illnesses.

8. Work through the human nutrition textbook I got from the library. I have to take this class in the fall, and I’ve heard through the grapevine that it’s incredibly difficult.  I want to work ahead a little this summer so that I won’t be overwhelmed when the class starts.

For the Bucket List

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(c) sellingpix –

9. Travel or make plans to travel. I don’t know that I’ll necessarily have the chance to go far this summer, but I would like travel to be a bigger part of my life.  This might involve day/weekend trips to nearby states or fun places within my state, or it might involve plans for a bigger vacation to somewhere exciting.  Either way, I’d like to have gone or be going somewhere by the end of the summer.

10. Learn another language. I’ve kind of already started this one, but as with my first item, I thought I’d include it anyway.  I’ve been wanting to learn Italian for years, and in fact have tried the last two summers to do it (online and using CDs in my car during commutes).  But this year, it’s gonna happen! I found a nifty app called Duolingo – it’s completely free and breaks various languages down into manageable, 10-minute sessions. There are 66 categories in the Italian mod, and each category has anywhere from 1-6 lessons in it, so there’s a lot to keep me busy.  So far, I’m on a four-day streak.  Woot!

(c) 2013

(c) 2013

That’s a lot to keep me busy and having fun – hopefully the story of this summer will be a great one.

What do you all plan to do?