Grover’s Advice for Picky Eaters

Speaking of picky eaters (which I do fairly often here – most recently yesterday, but also here and here), I stumbled upon a video on The New York Times’ website that is on that very subject.

It’s called “Ask Grover: How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables” and is a lot of fun. Grover was my favorite of the Sesame Street gang back in the day, so obviously I’m going to listen to his advice.

(c) 2015

(c) 2015

As far as healthy eating tips go, Grover’s point that eating fruits and veggies with fun names is more likely to get kids to finish them is a good one. In the middle post I linked to above – “Food is Science, yo!” – I talk about a day in food science when we cooked/ate fruit.  Grover would be proud to know that I did, in fact, eat a kumquat.  But one of the fruits we tried was a cactus pear, which was completely gross, but because it was called a cactus pear, which sounds lovely and like something from a fantasy world, I felt compelled to eat the whole thing.

It all ties back to psychology.  Kind of like when I trick myself into going to the gym by changing into workout clothes as soon as I get home. That way I can’t “waste” the clothes by not actually working out in them.

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