A Menu of Red, White, and Blue

(c) jameslee - pixabay.com

(c) jameslee – pixabay.com

It’s that time again…cookouts, friends, fireworks, and celebrating our country. I was thinking a lot about our independence last year, because of the Scottish referendum for independence from Great Britain. It’s really amazing what our tiny – at the time – country accomplished. I am so proud to live here and be an American.

As usual with holidays, I’ve started a Pinterest board to help me come up with recipes and decorating ideas. There’s almost nothing I love more than color coordinating, and a holiday party really brings out the best/worst of that! I will make everything that I possibly can fit into the theme, including nail polish and my socks. So you can only imagine the joy I take in creating an entire menu and decorating scheme based on the red, white, and blue. I’ve got recipes, DIY decorations, crafts, and some clothes.

Here are my three favorite recipes on the board right now:

pinterest red white and blue 2

from randomcreative.hubpages.com

How cool is that? I can’t wait to try it. Has anyone done this before? Does it really work, or is it one of those Pinteresty things that’s impossible to accomplish in real life? (hair tutorials, I’m looking at you)

from cravesomethinghealthy.com

from cravingsomethinghealthy.com

This is a pretty standard snack made patriotic. I love chocolate covered strawberries, and I thought that these looked so pretty. They also seem fairly easy to make.

from blogs.babble.com

These, aside from mini-cupcakes, are quite possibly the cutest snack I’ve ever seen. They’d be perfect for a big, outdoor party – single servings, no serving dishes needed. Just grab a mason jar and a fork and you’re ready to dig in.

I’d love to hear what you’re up to this year. Do you have any favorite Fourth of July recipes? What do you love to eat during the summer? Do you have a fabulous way to fold napkins that look like Uncle Sam hats? Send me pins and I’ll add them to the board! And I’ll feature more of my favorites here before the holiday.

(c) jill 111 pixabay.com

(c) jill 111 pixabay.com

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