Stupendous Word of The Day, 6/26/2015

(C) PDPics -

(C) PDPics –

I’ve been working through my human nutrition textbook. Right now I’m in the “go over what you should already have learned” stages, one of which is reviewing basic organic chemistry and the macronutrients (the biggies: protein, carbohydrates, and lipids).  As I go through the carbohydrate chapter, I am reminded of one of my favorite words:

Glycosidic bond (click for pronunciation)

Formed when an alcohol and a sugar bond, forming a glycoside. Glycosidic bonds make chains of sugars by linking sugar-alcohol-sugar. This is what turns a monosaccharide (one sugar, like glucose) into a disaccharide (two sugars, like sucrose – table sugar), or a polysaccharide (more than two sugars). The amount of sugars connected together factor into how long digestion takes and how they function in the body.

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