Red, White, and Blue Menu, part 2

I’ve gotten some great pins added to my Fourth of July Pinterest board over the last week or so. Check out the goodies:, found on, found on

Since I mostly did appetizers last time, I thought I’d feature a few main-dishy type items here this time around. This slow cooked, pulled pork makes my mouth water just looking at it…as does this fried chicken:

Gooseberry Patch,

Gooseberry Patch,

This one is a little non-traditional, but I thought it was a really fun idea, and different is always good, right?, found on, found on

And this is possibly the most genius way I’ve seen to make salads for an outdoor party ever. You can even keep them in a cooler so the lettuce doesn’t wilt!! I may never make a big bowl of salad again.

24/7 Low Carb Diner,

24/7 Low Carb Diner,

Finally, as someone who loveloveloves bruschetta, I thought these looked amazing:,,

And because these little guys are too cute to pass up, I had to toss them in too.  Especially now that Kellogg’s makes gluten free rice crispies – this pleasure that has been denied us celiacs for far too long is once again within reach!!,,

And last but not least, this shirt is amazing. It’s probably too late to order it and get in time for this year’s party, but it’s on my list for next year!

4th pinterest 8,

As always, click the pictures to go to the individual pins; if you want to check out my board, which also has some fun decorating ideas (firefly catching station, anyone?), printables, as well as a ton more food ideas, you can do that here.

Happy birthday, America!!

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