Sand Between the Toes

One of the things I said I wanted on my Summer Vacation To-Do list is to travel – a wee trip to parts nearby – or plan more extensive travel – a large trip to parts unseen – for later in the year.

I checked the former off my list this week by taking a two-day trip to a nearby Great Lake! We were able to stay in an amazing hotel that was literally right on the water.

The food at the hotel restaurant was delicious – one of the reasons we picked it is that they offer a variety of gluten free options, including bread!

Although I immediately recognized the bread as Udi’s, my favorite brand to buy at the grocery store, they did something to it that made it indescribably amazing. When I got near the end and was getting a little to full, I actually picked all the bread off and ate it, leaving some chicken salad behind. Now THAT is a mark of wonderful bread!

They also had a flourless chocolate torte, which came with handmade whipped cream.

I have no words for this. I will clearly never be a food critic, because I am speechless here.

You can tell how impressed I was by the gluten free food there, because one third of my pictures are of my plate.

The other third are of the lake. Seriously, we were RIGHT ON THE LAKE. So cool.

And less than 20 minutes away were a variety of lovely beaches. They were sandy in parts and stony in parts, but I got to spend plenty of time laying out on my towel reading.

And we also spent a lot of time enjoying the waves.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip, and I’m so glad we went!

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