A Debrief of the 5K – AT NIGHT

First, because it never gets old:

The 5k was a lot of fun! Sadly, the one we did last summer, the Electric Run, was a lot MORE fun. This one had a serious lack of speakers pumping music as well as lights. There were a lot of dark corners. Since there were a lot of people there, it wasn’t scary or anything – but that Electric Run really spoiled us. There were lights and staff everywhere and you were never in a place that didn’t have music blaring. I don’t know if any other nighttime run will ever live up to it. But there were a lot of fun people there, and we all had a great time.

Also – I did a lot of prep work on distance and varying difficulties/resistances before this 5k. But walking outside, on uneven terrain…whew. Yes, I knew it would be different going in. I even talked about it in my 5k prep post last week.

But damn! My calves were STILL killing me on Tuesday. I got on the elliptical and set the ramp as high as I could, then just glided along for about 45 minutes to stretch out. That helped, but still. Going up and down my apartment stairs was brutal for a few days.

We also shaved a whole half hour off our time from last year, which is pretty impressive considering my mom has arthritis in her knee that wasn’t bothering her last year.

Just like last year, most of the fun came from people watching. It took a long time to even get in to the parking lot because of all the people going, and there were a lot more people who parked further away and walked to the track (I pity those poor souls who had to walk another mile or two before and after the race to get to and from their cars. I can only imagine the state of their calves). People were all decked out! I love the new thing of racing in a tutu, personally, and there were tons of ladies wearing them. There were people with their faces painted, knee high socks in neon, sparkly wings on their backs, bright hair extensions, and matching t-shirts with family logos on them. There were also a ton of parents there with jogging strollers – and kids inside them of course. I loved seeing these families out having a good time. The kids were really well behaved and the parents were all hopped up on the exercise high. It was really cute.

The best, though, was this scene: there were two girls, probably early twenties, standing on the opposite side of the four-lane street you had to cross to get to the event. They were completely decked out in glow-in-the-dark outfits, and one was on crutches. They were standing there, looking kind of nervous about crossing the street (it was a really busy street. I would have been nervous without crutches). Anyway, there was also a big, weight-lifty, completely ripped guy with them, and suddenly he just scooped up the girl AND her crutches and started running across the street during a break in traffic. Her friend burst out laughing and started running behind them. When they got to the other side, he set her down and you could tell he was asking if she was okay – they were all laughing and having the best time.

Which made us, sitting in the car and watching, waiting to get into the parking lot, have the best time, too.

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