Summer To-Do: Checking in 7/30

(c) maksim pasko - (text added by emilystarblog)

(c) maksim pasko – (text added by emilystarblog)

Time to check in again! I’ve had two full months now of working on my summer to-do list/bucket list. How much have I gotten done?

For Fun

Spend lots of time at the pool. So done. A thousand times done. Okay, only a few scores. But still. DONE.

Bake. A lot. Done. Cookies, cakes, bread…all kinds of assorted yumminess. This isn’t baking from scratch, but it’s my new favorite gluten-free mix. These cookies are seriously amazing. I use two tablespoons of water instead of one, and then flatten them a little with my palm or the bottom of a glass so that they cook more evenly. I can’t even describe how good these are, plus they sell the mix at Target! Even my non-GF family members scarf these down.

Find a community orchestra to play with. Permanently on hold, since they all, for some reason, practice on Tuesday nights. I have night classes on Tuesdays this semester, so it’ll have to wait until after the break. I’m a little disappointed about this one – I thought that playing in a Christmas concert would be so fun. Oh well – there’s always next year.

Read 50 new books. I’ve slowed down a little on the reading. This is partly because I’ve been posting here almost daily, and partly because I’ve started working to stock up my inventory for the busy season (fall/winter, if you’re curious). You can’t really knit and read at the same time, unless you’re listening to Audible or a book on CD, which I did not plan ahead for. But, I am still slowly working through my list.  Currently I’m reading the book version of Orange is the New Black, which I’m kind of ashamed of never having read before. My people (by which I mean bibliophiles) like to read the book before they see the movie/TV version, and I have already binged all three seasons of the show.

We also do not like movie/TV covers of books. We want the original covers. It’s a point of pride.

For School/Dietetics Resume

Volunteer. Have made contact with the food bank and am in the process of setting up volunteering shifts.

Shadow professional dietitians. Still zilch on this one. My schedule has been such that it still isn’t realistic. Since I’ll only have class Tuesday/Thursday in the fall, I’m hoping that my work schedule will allow some shadowing on the other days of the week.

Post to this blog 2-3 times per week. Check! I’ve actually been posting 4-5 times per week. Let’s keep it going!

Work through the human nutrition textbook I got from the library. See the reading item above. Still plugging through, but I don’t think I’ll finish it before the semester starts. I’m okay with this, though, because reading the parts I have has made me feel capable of handling the class. I don’t think it will be an easy class, but I’m no longer freaked out.

For the Bucket List

Travel or make plans to travel. Check. Little day trip done, plans for longer trip later this year in place.

(c) sellingpix -

(c) sellingpix –

Learn another language. Still working on my Duolingo app.  Most recently, I finished the possessive units. For example, La tua colazione e uovos frittos means Your breakfast is fried eggs. So basically, I’m rocking it. Molto bene!

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