August Fitness Goals: Checking in on 8/26/2015

(c) MrTommy,

(c) MrTommy,

Last week was kind of rough for me. I had a lot going on with training for my two jobs, and then I got really sick on Thursday and Friday. Not complaining – but excusing my fairly sucky performance on my goal fitness programs this week. I’d say I got about half of what I wanted to done – mostly because the second half of the week involved a strict diet of toast, crackers, and tea at regular intervals.

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Day One

Today was my first day at my new job – food service at a local hospital. It was both fun and a little nerve-wracking at the same time! Here’s why: Continue reading

National Waffle Day

I don’t know why I always seem to be a day behind with these national food days, but apparently August 24 (aka yesterday) was National Waffle Day.

This would be the perfect day to talk about the yummylicious new gluten free Eggo waffles.  Continue reading

Tea Time: “How to Make Tea Like a Brit”

For tea time today, I wanted to share one of my favorite videos with you. This is from Anglophenia, who I follow on Twitter and on Youtube. They’re pretty awesome if you’re an anglophile like me.

It’s really cute, funny, and informative. I especially appreciate her clearing up the classic milk-first-or-second conundrum. Continue reading

Gluten free at Target

Oh my gosh guys…look what was on the shelves at my Target today!!

I knew they were coming…but this is so exciting!!! I haven’t had Cheerios in 12 years. 12 years, people!

I know what I’m having for dinner 😉

Caribbean Blue

Well, I must admit that I am disappointed. I went to pick up my uniforms today, and instead of scrubs, food workers get black polyester pants and polyester polo shirts in a color optimistically named “Caribbean Blue.”

It does not look anything like the Caribbean Sea.  Continue reading

New YouTube Channel: FBG Monthly Challenges

(c) stevepb,

(c) stevepb,

Hi everyone! Since I’ve been writing pretty regularly about the Fit Bottomed Girls’ monthly fitness challenges – you’re probably sick of me saying “FBG, FBG, FBG!” – I thought I’d gather all the videos I’ve been using for them in one place. That way, if you’re doing the challenges or even think just one of the days sounds interesting, you can check out all the videos that I’ve found helpful as I’ve sweated my way through.

They’re on my YouTube channel, in a new playlist called, aptly enough, FBG Monthly Challenges.

Check it out and let me know what you think!