My Favorite School Supplies

I am the kind of person who loves shopping for school supplies. Even though I loathe the thought of summer being over and the weather getting cold again, when I see the aisles of new binders and pens and rulers and Elmer’s glue, my soul does a happy dance.

My mom actually made me a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils one year as a going-back-to-school gift.  It’s true. She’s awesome like that. She tied a big red ribbon around them and everything.

The longer I’m in school, though, the less there is to buy. When you’re in kindergarten or first grade, you need a lot: a box of Kleenex, a 120-count box of crayons, markers, loose leaf paper, notebooks, folders, pencils…

By now, on my third go-round through college, there just isn’t much I need.

The few things I do buy are items I’ve used in the past and have developed a deep, undying love for. Here are the few things that live up to exacting standards, refined over 23 years of being a student.

These binders are the best ones I’ve ever used. Why are they so awesome, you ask? They’re only plain old, Target brand binders, after all.  First of all, they come in a variety of bright, beautiful colors. I’ve yet to buy one in a repeat color, which makes my bookshelf of class notes awfully cheerful.

Second of all, they are not just binders. Inside, they are a treasure trove of helpful organizational tools. These include a ruler, different colored divider tabs (five of them, perfect for science classes that are often divided into four units and a lab), and an envelope in the back for anything extra..  They make my organization loving heart skip a beat.


 My favorite writing utensil is a Pilot Precise V5 RT pen. Yes, that type specifically.


They’re a classic fine point gel pen. They never have ink glitches or leak – they just write beautifully until they’re completely empty. They’re also clicky top. Clicky tops rock.

Finally, and I think I’ve mentioned these before, but these mouse pad to-do lists are a life saver for me (that’s how much I love them). They keep my weeks organized and make me laugh to boot.


What are your favorite school supplies? Has anyone ever give you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils?

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