August Fitness Goals

(c) MrTommy,

(c) MrTommy,

August has always been my favorite month. Perhaps that’s because my birthday is in August; maybe because the new school year starts in August; maybe because August is always stuffed full of all the fun stuff you’ve been meaning to do all summer but now have a deadline for.

It’s probably the birthday thing.

I did not work out much at all during spring semester (January-May). I was adjusting to a new medication that made me really sick, so just going to school and work and doing homework was about all I could take. When I got home, all I felt capable of was flopping on the couch and watching Netflix. Honestly, I just started feeling 100% like myself again around the middle of July (for those of you keeping track, it took me seven full months to completely adjust to these meds. Yeah, it sucked. But now I feel really good, so I guess that’s what counts).

Once I started feeling okay again, in early June, I started doing cardio again. Twice or three times per week I’d hit the elliptical for a good 45 minutes.

But I haven’t been doing strength training. It’s been a looooong time. Mostly because I gave up my gym membership while I was feeling crappy. In recent weeks, I’ve been doing my best to do some strength stuff in the pool, and I’ve gotten some muscle tone back. In the spirit of August, though, I want to amp things up.

(c) Pandora_herself,

(c) Pandora_herself,

First up is the August Fit Bottomed Challenge over on Fit Bottomed Girls. I just started reading this fantabulous blog last month, and I didn’t catch on to their monthly challenge until the last week of July. I still followed along, but I’m really excited to do the full challenge this month. They’re focusing on increasing daily veggie servings and “feeling hot;” it’s kind of a combo of working out physically and mentally. For example, last month one day’s activity was to start a body positive board on Pinterest. Since pretty much everything these girls do is awesome, I’m really excited to do this.  Want to join me??

Second up is keeping the cardio going. I want to elliptical at least three times per week still – maybe more. I’ve been tricking myself into wanting to do cardio by only letting myself watch Doctor Who on Netflix while I’m actually on the machine.

I feel like I’ve been talking about Doctor Who a lot lately. I’m not going to apologize because Doctor Who is awesome. And the new season starts in September, so I’ve been binge watching all the past episodes to prepare myself. BUT ONLY ON THE ELLIPTICAL.

Third and lastly, I would like to start doing serious strength training again. Since I don’t have access to free weights or a huge array of weight machines anymore, this is going to be through body weight

(c) skeeze,

(c) skeeze,

exercises (i.e. strength exercises using only your body weight). I have a ton of YouTube videos and DVDs bookmarked to help me out with this. I’d like to strength train at least three times per week as well. That way, even if I do strength three days and cardio three other days, I’ll still get one day of rest that week. And I can always double up, or do more than three daysof either.

I want to feel really good when school starts up again – healthy, strong, and happy. I want this semester to tell last semester to suck it.

I’ll be checking in here once per week to let you know what videos I’m doing and if I like them, how the cardio and challenge are going, and probably to tell you all to watch Doctor Who. 

What are your August plans? Anyone else doing the Fit Bottomed challenge? Anyone else into body weight training? What advice do you have?

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