Avoiding Dehydration: There’s an App for That

I’ve been neglecting to drink enough water lately. This week has been very nasty¬† – lots of stress building up to one incredibly bad day. I got sick and exhausted on Friday, which is when I realized how dry my mouth was and how thirsty I was all the time.

Anyway, I turned to my constant companion for help – my phone. I have a 20 ounce water bottle that I take with me everywhere, but I can never remember when I’ve finished and refilled it. I found the app Waterlogged and downloaded it right away.

I absolutely LOVE it.

There’s a giant water bottle on the main screen. The app helps you figure out how much water you should be drinking every day, and once you enter the ounces (there are other measurements you can use, but I chose ounces), that’s how much the giant bottle measures up to.

You can then enter a bunch of different glasses and their sizes into the database. For example, I entered my favorite teapot, which holds 16 ounces.

Whenever I finish a pot, I just tap the bottle on the main screen, and that brings up the list of “glasses.” I swipe to the one I want, then tap the red “Record” button. Like magic, the main bottle starts filling up. For my regular water bottle, instead of a picture, I used this “inspirational message” I found on Pinterest.

It makes me smile every time.

You also get little inspirational messages on the top of the screen, like “Great job! Nail it today!” and “Congrats! You did it!”

There is also the option to have the app send you reminders to keep drinking throughout the day. With the free version, you only get one reminder, but if you upgrade to the full version you get a lot more.

Since I downloaded it on Thursday, I’ve hit my mark every day, and I feel a lot better. I learned my lesson about not getting dehydrated a few years ago – it’s amazing how much better I feel when I keep up with my water. This app is the perfect little way to get myself back on track.

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