August Fitness Goals: Checking in on 8/10/15

(c) Unsplash, pixabay. com

(c) Unsplash, pixabay. com

I cannot believe we are already one week deep into August. Why is it that June drags by at a snail’s pace, but August sprints right by?

A lot happened over the last week. I had a couple really bad days full of stress and panic attacks. But I also had a couple of really wonderful days. I was called for a job interview. Exciting. And my new health insurance finally kicked in, so I was able to schedule a TON of overdue doctor’s appointments, as well as get some blood tests done.

And with all that going on, I still managed to (mostly) stay on track with the fitness goals I laid out last week. Here’s how I did:

Fit Bottomed Girls monthly challenge. This really helped keep me focused on my happy place this week. The print-out calendar is really bright and cheerful – just looking at it on my wall made me smile. The tasks the FBG have scheduled are small enough that they’re easily accomplished, which also made me feel great every day. Here are the highlights:

  • Monday: Get one veggie in your breakfast. Done. Made a cherry-vanilla smoothie with a handful of spinach tossed in.
  • Tuesday: Set a healthy intention to embrace your inner hotness. All week long I’ve been focusing on one technique – whenever I have a negative thought, I immediately find something about myself to compliment instead. This was a simple little trick, but it was kind of a weird experience for me. I’ll write more about it later this week!
  • Wendesday: Try some power yoga. Done and done. My favorite internet yogi, Sara Beth, has a 20-minute power yoga
    (c) jesslef,

    (c) jesslef,

    for beginners video up.

  • Thursday: Light your inner fire. FBG recommended watching this video, but while the message was good, the super-intense narration and music just made me giggle. “Momentum is a cruel mistress. She can turn on a dime with the smallest mistake.”
  • Friday: Steam things up with a dance workout. Did this one. Felt a little silly hopping around my room, but by the end I was having a blast. Plus it was only ten minutes long.
  • Saturday: Walk or run for 20 minutes. Did the elliptical – running hurts my knees.
  • Sunday: Find your power song. I have so many “power songs” that it’s kind of hard to choose. I’ll post a playlist of them all later this week!

Keep the cardio going. I only did the elliptical once – on Friday – but I also did the dance workout and a few swimming workouts. So this one is a win.

Body weight strength training. This week I used a new app I downloaded months ago but still hadn’t tried. It’s called SWORKIT. You pick the type of workout you want:

Narrow that down even more:

Then how long you want to go for:

And then it takes you through all the moves. You get a ten second preview of how to complete the specific move, another five seconds to get yourself into position, and then it counts out the time for you until the next move. You can’t cheat and do 20 seconds instead of 30!

I did the upper body one twice this week. One less than I wanted, but I’m okay with that considering how much else I did. I’ll try more of them next week.

So all in all, I’m pretty happy with everything I got done this week! What kinds of workouts did you do this week?

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