Good News

(c) Prawny,

(c) Prawny,

After a long, grueling, and stressful summer, things finally seem to be turning around. First – I got the job at the hospital!!


I’ll be prepping trays and delivering food to patients. This is such good experience for me – especially if I decide I want to be a clinical dietitian and work in a hospital one day. I’ll have so much background in the department, especially if I stay there until I graduate.

Everyone who works there seems really nice and friendly. The two women I interviewed with were also friendly – and pretty funny.

I go in this week for a physical and to get my badge and – SCRUBS.

I have always dreamed of having a job that allowed me to wear scrubs to work. As an English teacher, that was obviously impossible. But now that dream is coming true. It’s like working in pajamas!! I’m so excited!!!

Anyway, I’ve been busy the last few days getting everything in order. School and the new job – plus my old job of online tutoring – are all going to be starting within two weeks of each other. And the only hitch with the new job is that dress code prohibits tattoos. Since mine is on the underside of my wrist, this means I need to cover it up with something. I get overheated really easily, so instead of wearing a long sleeved shirt, I think I’m going to knit myself a little cotton lace cuff to wear on my arm.

My 30th birthday is also this weekend (tomorrow, gulp), so I’ve been in touch with friends and family who all want to get together to celebrate “the big one.” I’m going out to eat with three different people, and getting a manicure with another, all this week. It’s going to be such a fun week!

What are you up to this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Good News

    • Hi Rachel! Thanks!! I wasn’t thrilled about the rule – but I knew this kind of thing might happen when I got it. I’m hoping the cuff will work!


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