Caribbean Blue

Well, I must admit that I am disappointed. I went to pick up my uniforms today, and instead of scrubs, food workers get black polyester pants and polyester polo shirts in a color optimistically named “Caribbean Blue.”

It does not look anything like the Caribbean Sea. 

But when I put the pile of uniforms on the couch to unpack them, my cat immediately claimed them as her own.

“These now belong to me.”

So at least somebody likes them.

Actually, I shouldn’t really complain. They’re mostly comfortable (I just don’t like the thick collar on polos. They make me feel claustrophobic) and don’t look too bad when I’m wearing them. It could be a lot worse.

But they’re not scrubs 😔

Anyway, I also got my ID badge yesterday. According to the badge, my official title is “Captain.” That is pretty badass. Especially considering my deep and abiding love for Pirates of the Caribbean.


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