Tea Time: “How to Make Tea Like a Brit”

For tea time today, I wanted to share one of my favorite videos with you. This is from Anglophenia, who I follow on Twitter and on Youtube. They’re pretty awesome if you’re an anglophile like me.

It’s really cute, funny, and informative. I especially appreciate her clearing up the classic milk-first-or-second conundrum.

If, even after viewing the video, you are still unsure of how you would best like your tea, Anglophenia also has this helpful quiz to assist you in figuring it out. Although they claim that no science went into the making of the quiz, I did get a result that EXACTLY MATCHES the way I drink tea: white without. Just saying.

And if you’re interested in reading the George Orwell piece she mentions, here’s a link to check it out. Interestingly, he has a different response to the milk-first-or-second issue. After reading it, I think I am leaning towards his answer.

Hmm. Now I’m confused!

Let me know what you think of it!

How do you take your tea? Does it match the results of the quiz? And how do you feel about the whole milk thing?

If you want to read all my posts in the Tea Time series, just click on the “tea time” tag below this post.

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