National Waffle Day

I don’t know why I always seem to be a day behind with these national food days, but apparently August 24 (aka yesterday) was National Waffle Day.

This would be the perfect day to talk about the yummylicious new gluten free Eggo waffles. 

The amount of excited I had over the Eggo news exceeded all other types of gluten free excitements, with the possible exclusion of “mint slims.”

The smell of my family members cooking their Eggos is one of the scents that had tormented me for many a year. Other GF frozen waffles – the ones I’ve tried, anyway – were decent but certainly nothing to get excited about.

The minute I heard about these, I found them at my local grocery store. I then came home and promptly ate half the box.

They’re crispy but pillowy on the inside – not mushy. The butter melts perfectly in all the little squares, and the powdered sugar kind of blends with it in that heady concoction of sweetness I remember from days gone by. And when I ate a second one with syrup, the syrup made perfect little amber puddles. It didn’t soak through and make the waffle soggy. It was just delicious.

The ultimate commendation came from my mom, who took a bite and proclaimed that they tasted “just like the real thing.”

Plus, there’s oat flour in them, which means they’re slightly more healthy than I expected.

Really, there’s no better way to (belatedly) celebrate National Waffle Day.

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