August Fitness Goals: Checking in on 8/26/2015

(c) MrTommy,

(c) MrTommy,

Last week was kind of rough for me. I had a lot going on with training for my two jobs, and then I got really sick on Thursday and Friday. Not complaining – but excusing my fairly sucky performance on my goal fitness programs this week. I’d say I got about half of what I wanted to done – mostly because the second half of the week involved a strict diet of toast, crackers, and tea at regular intervals.

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As per usual, let’s start with the Fit Bottomed Girls August Challenge.

Monday: Get three veggies in your dinner. I got three veggies throughout the day. I’m aware that this is a significant shortcoming according to the challenge, but considering I rarely get even one veggie per day, let alone per meal, I’m counting this as a win (I’m more of a fruit fan, okay?).

Tuesday: Be mindful of your self-talk. I’ve kind of been working on this since the beginning of the challenge, and I keep meaning to write a post about how it’s been going. There’s too much to write in a little blurb here. Hopefully this week I’ll get it posted!

Wednesday: Do the Deck of Cards workout. I don’t even have the excuse of being sick on Wednesday to have not done this – I just didn’t do it. I did, however, do cardio in the pool, so I wasn’t a total failure. If you want to try it, click here.

Thursday: Would you take a fitness magic pill? I’m not going to lie to you all – I would absolutely take a magic pill. Now, I know, from experience, that taking the easy way out rarely yields the results you wanted. If an accomplishment isn’t earned, you haven’t learned the mental lessons that went along with it, which means the results probably won’t last. That having been said – I wouldn’t want to necessarily be magically fit – but if there was a magic pill that made me healthy? That made me full of energy, made my body stop attacking itself, made my lungs healthy, and allowed me to live life with an unlimited number of spoons? I’d be all over that shit.  I can only imagine how much easier – and how much more fun – working out is when you aren’t struggling against biological forces that want you to stay inside, exhausted and puffing on an inhaler all the time. And if I can’t have that magic pill, then a fitness magic pill would be second best. You can read the FBGs responses to this question here.

Friday: Do the Booty Blast Circuit. This was the second day I spent sleeping and eating the BRAT diet, so the booty blast circuit was out. I do have it saved to my phone, though, and would like to try it next week.

Saturday: Walk or run for 30 minutes. Again, did not even leave the house this day. But I did get out of bed!

(c) jesslef,

(c) jesslef,

Sunday: Grab a bud and do some partner stretches. I did do my favorite yoga routine, and my cat very helpfully laid on my arm, between my feet, or next to my head the entire time. So I sort of had a partner?

Keeping up with cardio – at least 3 times per week. Check – twice in the pool and once on the elliptical. Usually I run in the pool (actually pretty fun), but one of the two days I did backstroke laps. I love doing the backstroke so much. It’s so peaceful – all you can hear is your own breathing – and I feel very graceful and powerful in a way that I just don’t with the breaststroke.

Doing body-weight strength training – at least 3 times per week. Twice – once in the pool, once with the One Song Workout app (see last week’s post for my review of this app).

Overall, not too shabby! What was your favorite workout you did this week?

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