Happy List – 9/30/2015

(c) Pezibear, pizabay.com, edited by HealthyEmily

(c) Pezibear, pizabay.com, edited by HealthyEmily

Today is the last day of September.

The last day of a month and the first day of a month always seem kind of magical to me. Something is ending, or something is beginning; I reflect back and look ahead with hope and maybe some excitement. Continue reading

Recipe Roundup: Cinnamon Rolls

(c) weinstock, pixabay.com

(c) weinstock, pixabay.com

I used to love making cinnamon rolls from scratch back in the day. There’s something incredibly cathartic about slapping out your dough, flattening it with a rolling pin, and slicing the individual rolls off.

Really, they’re the absolute best baking choice for when you’re in a bad mood.

And then, when they’re baking, you get the most heavenly aroma floating through your house.

And when they’re done, you get to eat soft, yeasty, pillowy rolls filled with crispy cinnamon filling and absolutely oozing with powdered sugar glaze. Continue reading

How My Tattoo Changed my Life

(c) Mbragion, pixabay.comOne thing that I wrote about way back in August is being body positive. At the time, I had just read a really good piece by Dot over on the blog Fierce Fat Firefly (yes, the blog is just as awesome as it sounds), and started a “motivation to love yourself” board over on Pinterest because of the August fitness challenge I was doing.

The piece is called “My Body Positive Tattoo.” Dot writes about how having a tattoo changed the way she felt about her body.

I loved reading this, because I had such a similar experience. Continue reading

My Study Buddy

I have my first big human nutrition exam today. Pretty nervous. 

Luckily, someone is being an extremely helpful study buddy. 


(c) HealthyEmily

You can’t see them, but my study guide, copious notes and printed out power points, AND my pen and highlighter all underneath her. 

Medical Tests 101: Endoscopy

geralt, 8084 images. Pixabay.com

(c) geralt, Pixabay.com

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Of all the medical tests I have ever had done – include the nerve study where they hooked me up to electrodes and shocked my nerves to see how quickly they responded – the one I absolutely dread the most is the endoscopy.

It doesn’t make any logical sense. You’re out in twilight sleep for most of the procedure. You don’t really feel or remember anything.

But I HATE them. I freak out about these more than I do about actual surgery. Continue reading

September Fitness Goals: Checking in on 9/21/2015

(c) Unsplash, pixabay. com

(c) Unsplash, pixabay. com

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September Fitness Goals

September Fitness Goals: Checking in on 9/14/2015

Well, it is already the first day of autumn.

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I didn’t get enough time in the summer sun! I didn’t get enough time relishing the oppressive heat of summer – I still haven’t thawed from last winter!! Summer, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME!!!! Continue reading

Why Exercise is Important – Seriously!

(c) Pandora_herself, pixabay.com

(c) Pandora_herself, pixabay.com

I know there are about a billion articles on this topic already floating around out there. But I learned something REALLY COOL in Human Nutrition this week that completely revolutionized the way I think about this, and I wanted to share with you. Continue reading