Back to School: It’s That Brain-Melty Season Again

(c) cezjaw,

(c) cezjaw,

Wow, has it been a busy week.

My brain feels all melty.

I’ve worked every day at the hospital that I haven’t been in school.  This is a great way to learn a job: working a ton of hours. And let me tell you – pushing a 4.5 foot tall room service cart full of trays around a hospital for four hours – burns a LOT of calories.  Yesterday I made it to 5.92 miles – that is like a third of a mile short of a 10K! A 10K. I lost a pound and a half this week without doing any other exercising, and in fact eating more than I normally do.  I was pretty starving.

According to my fitness app, this job burns 1139 calories per three hours.

Dayuhm! If I may say so.

I’m taking three classes this semester: Human Nutrition, Intro to Entrepreneurship, and Marketing Principles.

If you’re curious, my professor abbreviates the word “entrepreneurship” as “trep.” Very nice, because it’s a pain in the butt typing out “entrepreneurship” every five minutes, wondering if you’ve spelled it correctly, waiting for spellcheck to put the red squiggly line under it.

(c) Hans,

(c) Hans,

Human Nutrition, as I was worried all summer, seems like it’s going to be a bitch.  Really hard. I’m glad I prepped a little during the summer.  We started covering material on the first day of class – the Krebs cycle, namely.  I covered a lot of the basics of what we’ll be talking about twice already – in general chem and in microbiology – but I’m a teensy bit worried that it will not have been enough to keep up with Professor L.

Trep, I’m not sure about.  I already run a small business AND this site.  Not that I’m an expert, far from it, but the whole class is about figuring out if a business will be viable before you start it, and then progressing with your business model.  Our first assignment is to come up with five problems and then solve them with business ideas.

Uhhh…I knit nerdy things and sell them on Etsy. What problem could that possibly solve? I’m thinking of going with: “Problem: Fanboys and fangirls want to pay tribute to their favorite fandoms – and not just at Cons. Solution: I hand-knit wearable items that pay that tribute, but can be included in their everyday wardrobes.”

What do you think??

And then Marketing…I’m kind of excited about this one, largely because I think it will be the most helpful with said nerdy business endeavor. It is an intro class, though, and considering I’ve been in college-level academia for the last twelve years (damn, I feel old), I’ve been in and taught more intro classes than I could even count. So there are parts that are a little boring. But overall, the professor seems awesome and really invested. I sent her an email with a question the weekend before classes started, and we ended up volleying like six sets of emails back and forth.

So that’s been my week! I’ll be back tomorrow with a belated fitness goals update – spoiler: I didn’t do much working out this week, because of the whole pushing-a-giant-cart-for-literally-miles-five-days-per-week thing. BUT there’s a new FBG challenge for September, and I’ve got some new goals to work towards this fall, too.

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