September Fitness Goals

(c) pepperminting,

(c) pepperminting,

Before I start this post, I would like to share a little peek behind the scenes. I did a search on my stock images site for “fall workouts,” thinking that maybe I’d get a nice shot of someone doing yoga with a picturesque fall foliage background, or maybe someone jumping in a pile of leaves.

Instead, I got a bunch of pictures of people jumping out of airplanes! Too funny, right?!

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled post.

I want to change my fitness goals up a little from the summer.  My goals for August were very specific: complete the FBG monthly challenge, cardio at least three days per week, and body weight strength training at least three days per week. While I was largely successful, the last two just felt incredibly boring to me. I mostly did the same things: elliptical, swim, pool strength exercises, and one of two fitness apps. Don’t get me wrong, the apps rocked – but now that school is in session and I have two new jobs, I’m going to be really busy, and if my fitness goals are boring, I’ll end up watching TV instead.

1. You guessed it – the Fit Bottomed Girls’ September Challenge. I love these things. The new one is up, and I’ll be following along and posting my progress here. They’re really fun – why don’t you join me??

Also, and exciting, these lovely ladies actually gave me a shout out in their intro to the September challenge! How cool is that? Click the link above and scroll to the end of the post to see it. Squee! Thanks, ladies – for the shout out, and for making super-awesome challenges that are a blast to follow.

2. Bike. For some reason, I really want to start riding my bike. I think it’s because a few of the fitness blogs I’m reading right now are all about training for things like an Ironman race or a triathalon, and so there’s a lot of biking talk. I’m highly susceptible to suggestion! I also don’t really like working out outside in the summer because my asthma is triggered by extreme temperatures (so winter is also usually out), so with fall around the corner, this is the perfect time to incorporate some outdoor fitness.

Unfortunately, when I got my old bike out of storage (and by old, I mean the last time I rode it was about a decade ago), the tires are naturally flat, the inner tubes have holes, and the kickstand is just a suggestion. I don’t even want to find out how the brakes are working.

Also unfortunately, bikes are way more expensive than I remember them being!! When I looked online I was thinking, “what’s a bike, like fifty bucks?” Um, nope.  This just shows how long I’ve been out of the biking game. A decent one is now twice that price, and good road bikes can get up in the $400 range.

(c) PublicDomainArchive,

(c) PublicDomainArchive,

Alas, as a perennially skint college student, I do not have $400 to drop on a new bike.  I do not even have $100 to drop on a new bike.

So, new goal: try to borrow one from somebody else. Otherwise, by the time I save up enough to buy it, it will be snowing and all this will be pointless anyway.

In the meantime, I want to start riding the recumbent stationary bike that is currently available to me, so that my calves don’t turn into spaghetti noodles and make me collapse once I start riding a real bike.

I’d like to ride at least twice per week.

3. Continue to do body weight training at least twice per week. Now that my beloved pool is on the brink of closing, this is going to be a little tougher. I do have several DVDs, though, and of course Youtube is chock full of helpful videos. Plus there are my trusty apps.

I am dropping both the cardio and the strength training down to twice per week for right now – until I see just how I can deal with my new, crazy schedule, I think it’s probably for the best to set goals that are achievable. Maybe I’ll end up still doing three times per week – but especially considering how much “working out” I do at work, I think aiming for two is perfectly acceptable!

If you want some fun fall workout ideas, I thought this article was pretty cool.

What are your goals, fitness or otherwise, for fall?

*Answer to poll: I believe it’s 11. Or the last option. Either counts, I think.

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