The Phrase that Pays

Those of you who have been reading along through the summer know that I’ve been doing the Fit Bottomed Girl monthly workout challenges. Here’s what’s on the calendar for today:

This tickled me – the first phrase that popped into my head was “Get your HEAD in the game!”

See, my brother and I say this to each other all the time. Mostly for laughs – you’re distracted on Pinterest when you’re supposed to be helping make pancakes, or whatever. But I also tend to say it to myself when I’m flagging. This could be while I’m exercising, while I’m in class, when I’m working on a project and feel like quitting, etc.

The reason it works is because it makes me think of the TV show Arrow. Dan and I love this show – we binged the first two seasons on Netflix and then watched the third in real time. The fourth season starts soon and we are super excited.

The show is usually pretty dramatic and suspenseful, as superhero shows tend to be, and for the most part it works. You’re sucked in and on the edge of your seat. But every once in a very great while, something that is intended to be dramatic and suspenseful and intense comes across as incredibly cheesy (again, see every superhero show/movie ever).

That’s where our saying this phrase all the time came from – a moment at the beginning of an episode that should have been full of darkness and was instead full of lolz.

I couldn’t find the clip, unfortunately, but basically, Oliver’s (aka the Arrow’s) sidekick Roy (aka Arsenal) is having a flashback of some horrible stuff that has gone down over the past few episodes. It suddenly flashes to the present, where Oliver and Roy are on a rooftop or a dark street, in their full on gear – leatherish costumes, hoods, grease paint over their eyes – clearly in the middle of doing something important, superhero wise. Oliver has realized Roy is in la la land, and says, with tons of gravitas, “Roy! Get your HEAD in the game!”

The ridiculousness of the line coupled with the earnestness of the scene and Oliver’s deep, gravelly Arrow voice is just too much. We were laughing so hard we actually had to pause the show until we got control over ourselves.

So, long story short (too late, I know), when I’m flagging, all I need to say – to make myself laugh and make myself focus – is:

Emily! Get your HEAD in the game!

What’s your phrase that pays? How do you feel about Oliver Queen?

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