September Fitness Goals: Checking in on 9/14/2015

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September Fitness Goals

So far, September has been a bit of a bust. But here’s what I have accomplished!

Fit Bottomed Girls September Challenge.

Monday. Note your hunger/fullness level at one meal today. To accomplish this, the FBGs suggest reading this piece. Can I just say how much I loved the fullness scale chart? As a dietetics student, I’ve obviously talked about this in classes, but this one is so humorous. The key, I’ve found to the hunger/fullness thing is paying attention while you’re eating. This may sound like a “no duh” kind of thing, but since I’m someone who usually reads or watches TV while I eat, it’s more challenging than you’d think. I like my brain to be busy, so it’s kind of boring to just…eat. Sounds weird when I say it out loud (as it were). It helps if I’m not eating alone, obviously.

Tuesday. Read about the Real FBGs movement. The blog piece on “real fit bottomed girls” is here, on the FBG blog, obviously. This was a good read and all the women are awesome and inspirational. But I also happened to read another profile, over on another girl-power-fitness blog called Girls Gone Strong, about a woman named Priscilla Thomas. I thought that Priscilla was AMAZING, and reading about her made me cry because I related to her so much and also made me want to go out and work my ass off. One of my favorite spots is when she says “A friend told me that I was really looking good, because I just seemed so “in my body.” That felt wonderful. Feeling comfortable in my skin is my oldest, longest running struggle, and progress toward that goal can feel unnoticeable.”  And also this: “I spent a lot of time trying to workout the way other people said I had to, and getting mad at myself when it didn’t work for me. I’m happy to be moving away from that.”


I also loveloveloved her advice to women who want to lift but feel uncomfortable or nervous:

Don’t be scared to look and feel like a badass!

Wednesday. Core workout. I can’t lie to you guys – I missed this one. No excuse, except for the fact that I forgot to look at the calendar.

Thursday. Pick 1-2 things you can do this month from your fitness bucket list. I didn’t actually write a fitness bucket list last week, because I didn’t do any of the challenges last week. However, if I were to make one, it would look like this:

  1. Complete at 10k.
  2. Swim in the ocean.
  3. Go cross-country skiing.
  4. Go horseback riding.
  5. Go hiking in Scotland.
  6. Complete a half-century bike ride (aka 50 miles)

These are not huge dreams. But – I don’t like running and I’m scared of heights. So most of your classic fitness bucket list items (hiking the Grand Canyon, running a marathon, etc) are not things I would enjoy.

This month, I can definitely complete a 10k. Please note: I will be walking and not running. But I can do it! I can also start training for the bike ride, if I can get in gear (see more below. Also – I feel like there’s a pun somewhere in that sentence…)

Friday. Try a nano workout (or 2!). Here is the piece on nano workouts. I really liked this idea, and am already prone to doing calf raises whenever I’m just standing around. I also did 6, 7, and 8. Look at me, overachieving!

Saturday. Do your fave fit activity for 15 minutes + 10 burpees. I. Hate. Burpees. But then again, does anyone really like burpees? (Please don’t tell me if you do. I’ll be forced to dislike you. It’s like saying you’re naturally good at math.) BUT. My friend and I went for a really long walk (about 3.5 miles), which was fun (especially since the sun was shining and it was a mellow 60 degrees).

Again, I can’t lie to you guys. I skipped the burpees. But I will do my best to try to squeeze them in, at some point this week, if I can find the time, and if I can remember.

Maybe I’m not an overachiever after all 😉

Sunday. Quote yourself. Done!

Biking twice per week. Sadly, the workout room at my complex is closed for maintenance until the 21st. So I have not been able to do the stationary bike at all. Nor I have I done outdoor biking – because I still don’t have a bike. BUT – I think I have a bead on one that I can get my hand on (get my feet on?) later this week, so hopefully this will be changing. In exchange, I went swimming once this week and also did a few walks outside.

I got this book from the library, based on the recommendation of a friend, and I’m really liking it so far. It assumes that you have absolutely no clue about being a biker (except for being physically capable of riding and wanting to ride) and takes you all the way through training for races, but manages to be informative and fun, rather than condescending. There are chapters on how to pick a bike (who knew there were so many kinds?), what clothes to wear, what to eat, how to train, you name it.

Body weight training twice per week. Only made it once this week – in the pool. I need to find a way to remind myself to do this. Just having the note on my wall isn’t working. Any suggestions? An alarm on my phone, perhaps? It’s just too easy to forget.

Whew, it was a long one this week! What kinds of workouts have you been doing? What’s on your fitness bucket list?

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