New Posting Schedule + Fall Recipe Roundup, Sans Pumpkin

(c) stevepb,

(c) stevepb,

I mentioned a few posts ago that I have a new posting schedule planned out. Now that school is back in session and my two new jobs are in full swing, I sadly do not have time to post every day any more. So here’s what I’m going to shoot for: three times during the week and at least once on the weekend. I’d prefer to do both weekend days, but it depends on how much homework I have 😉

So in other words, I won’t be updating here quite as much, but I’ll still be very much around!In other news, my Twitter feed, Pinterest page, and email newsletters are full of one thing: fall recipes.

I love fall. I love recipes.

I do not love pumpkin.

Pumpkin pie, yes. Pumpkin roll, yes.

But I am not one of the 99.9999999% of Americans who are obsessed with pumpkin spice everything this time of year. Pumpkin spice lattes don’t do it for me. Pumpkin seeds kinda gross me out. And pumpkin cookies? Please. Give me chocolate or give me nothing.

Who’s with me?

(c) pepperminting,

(c) pepperminting,

For those of you who are, here are some of the tasty looking fall recipes I’ve seen that do NOT include pumpkin. For more, check out my Pinterest board – Autumn Recipes. They’re not all healthy – but you could put together a very respectable, mostly-healthy meal with this list!


  • This list of fall smoothies looks awesome, particularly the Berry Detox Smoothie and the Pomegranate Tonic Smoothie.
  • Pear bundt cake. This can totally be for breakfast. If you’re making it gluten free, I’d suggest using two yellow cake mixes, since GF cake mixes tend to be about half the volume of regular ones. Check the recipe on the box – depending on the mix, you may need to double the eggs, etc as well.
  • Apple-bacon-pecan sticky biscuits. MUST NOM!!!
  • Cinnamon biscuits with pecan topping. These are basically rolled scones with pecan pie on top.

Main Dishes

Side Dishes


Which of these do you want to try? What should I add to my board?

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