September Fitness Goals: Checking in on 9/21/2015

(c) Unsplash, pixabay. com

(c) Unsplash, pixabay. com

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Well, it is already the first day of autumn.

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I didn’t get enough time in the summer sun! I didn’t get enough time relishing the oppressive heat of summer – I still haven’t thawed from last winter!! Summer, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME!!!!


Now that I’ve got that out of my system, fitness goals! Check in time! Woohoo!

Fit Bottomed Girls September Challenge.

Monday. Note your hunger/fullness levels at two meals today. Done! I am really getting into the whole hunger/fullness scale thing. I’m finding it incredibly helpful.

Tuesday. Submit your real FBG story and photo for a chance to win fit goodies.

Wednesday. Towel training. I was going to do this one on Wednesday. I really was. But it was the day I launder my towels, and I wasn’t about to use a dirty one. By the time they were clean, I had forgotten all about the FBG challenge.

I realize this is pretty pathetic. But I promised honesty, so I can’t let myself off the hook now.

Thursday. Do one of those fitness bucket list items. There is no way I could do any of my fitness bucket list items cold. And some of them I literally cannot do without shelling out large sums of cash. So I was a little stumped. Then, I decided that halfway is better than nothing, so I made my brother come with me, headed outside, and did a 5k. This is half of my bucket list item of completing a 10k – and it was outside, with sunshine and other people and actual terrain, rather than on the elliptical or treadmill. #Winning!

Friday. One-song workout. Done! I used my favorite app, appropriately named One Song Workout App.

Saturday. Do your fave fit activity for 15 minutes + 15 burpees. Again, in the name of truth, I did not complete my burpees this week. I am in such a burpee debt for this last week of the challenge that it isn’t even funny – I am now 30 burpees behind, with another 20 scheduled for this coming Saturday.

So, okay. That’s 50 burpees (gulp) that I need to do in six days. That means that for the first three days I need to do nine burpees, and for the second three days I need to do eight burpees. That is totally doable, right?

Crickets. Even my cat is staring at me, unblinking, horror in her eyes.

Jenn from FBG asserts that she as actually learned to love burpees. I find this highly questionable. But the FBGs are right about so many other things that I’m willing to give it a whirl.

Sunday. 80s dance party. I did not have an 80s dance party, largely because I despise the 80s. What I did do was a workout from my Ballet Beautiful DVD, which is awesome and awful at the same time and which I will try to review for you at some date in the very recent future. It’s a dance workout, so even though it’s ballet instead of 80s funkytown, I’m okay with it.

What I am not okay with are Mary Helen Bowers’ legs, which make me feel like she is a completely different species than I am.

But at least if she’s a different species, I can’t be held to the same standards. So really, I guess that’s a plus. If my legs ever look half – no, a quarter – as toned as hers, I will be a happy woman.

This coming week, there is a day of meditation on the calendar. Ever since I discovered my favorite meditation video of all time, I really enjoy it. So I’m looking forward to trying the one they recommend. Also, next Sunday calls for rewarding yourself for making it through the month. I am all about the rewards! Woo!

Moving on.

Biking twice per week. The exercise room at my complex is STILL. CLOSED. So no stationary biking yet. And the real bike, which I was planning to borrow from my dad, is still sitting in his garage with flat tires. Oh, Dad. I remain hopeful that this will be the week the tires get pumped and I can hit the open road, especially since lovely fall weather with golden sunshine and highs in the 60s has finally arrived. Perfect for outdoor exercising.

Body weight training twice per week. Again, I must admit to a bit of slacking off. I did do my One Song Workout earlier this week – and I suppose the Ballet Beautiful counts as strength training as well as cardio. But I didn’t actually do a planned second body weight workout. Apparently my motto this week was “halfway is better than nothing.”

So that was my week in fitness! What were you all up to? Anyone want to join me in my self-inflicted burpee challenge?

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