Recipe Roundup: Cinnamon Rolls

(c) weinstock,

(c) weinstock,

I used to love making cinnamon rolls from scratch back in the day. There’s something incredibly cathartic about slapping out your dough, flattening it with a rolling pin, and slicing the individual rolls off.

Really, they’re the absolute best baking choice for when you’re in a bad mood.

And then, when they’re baking, you get the most heavenly aroma floating through your house.

And when they’re done, you get to eat soft, yeasty, pillowy rolls filled with crispy cinnamon filling and absolutely oozing with powdered sugar glaze.

Now that I share a kitchen with other people, I don’t get the chance to take on big baking projects much any more. But today, a lazy, cloudy Sunday afternoon with rays of sunshine peaking through, I had this insatiable urge to make cinnamon rolls again.

My go-to recipe is here – it’s from the Gluten Free Girl, who legitimately saved the quality of my life from the enormous crap-pile that is the first few years of being gluten-free. They’re amazingly delicious, and the real achievement was when my uncle came over and started scarfing them down without realizing they were gluten free. I think he even asked where I got them.

However, this recipe calls for a mix of various gluten free flours. This used to be my life – I had bags of many different flours all over my kitchen (almond, teff, rice, potato starch, sorghum, millet…seriously, there were everywhere). But in the last few years, gluten free all-purpose flour blends have gotten better and better. And with the advent this year of Pillsbury Gluten Free All Purpose flour, my cupboards now only contain one bag of flour (well, that’s not true. I still keep some millet and teff on hand so I can make whole-grain recipes).

And I’m not sure if my go-to recipe will work if I just sub in Pillsbury for that serious mix of flours that’s going on there (note – if you want to try, you can also cut out the xanthan gum, since Pillsbury already has it in there).

(c) chefkeem,

(c) chefkeem,

And when I was putting together my Autumn Recipes Pinterest board last week, I came across some very interesting looking cinnamon roll recipes that had me drooling.

So, in no particular order, here are the three recipes I’m dying to try. (Or should I stick with the tried and true? Ugh, I just can’t decide!)

Apple Cider Cinnamon Rolls. Mmmhmm! Could that possibly sound any more like fall?

The Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls. PW has long been my favorite food blogger (not to sound like a hipster, but I knew her and loved her before the Food Network did). And her cinnamon rolls, as depicted on her website and in her memoir, have long eluded me. They just wouldn’t work with a gluten free flour. Dare I try them now?

Smitten Kitchen’s Roster of Rolls. Smitten Kitchen is the second food blogger I got hooked on back in the day. I have about a gazillion of her recipes copied and pasted into Word files and saved on my computer. She has three – count ’em three – different kinds of cinnamon rolls that look like they will rock my world: Cinnamon Swirl Buns, Chocolate Swirl Buns, and Pecan Sticky Buns. The only question is which to try first!

(c) 916237,

(c) 916237,

Alton Brown’s Overnight Cinnamon Rolls. I love Alton Brown. Sure, he’s a little crazy, but I like perfectionists and overachievers. They are my people. And based on how committed he is to making coffee, I can only imagine how off-the-charts amazing his cinnamon rolls would be.

Finally, Paula Deen’s Cinnamon Rolls. Yes, I know Paula has had her share of issues in the past. But you cannot deny that the woman knows her way around a dessert that’s masquerading as a breakfast.

So which one sounds the best to you? Which should I try first?

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