Happy List – 9/30/2015

(c) Pezibear, pizabay.com, edited by HealthyEmily

(c) Pezibear, pizabay.com, edited by HealthyEmily

Today is the last day of September.

The last day of a month and the first day of a month always seem kind of magical to me. Something is ending, or something is beginning; I reflect back and look ahead with hope and maybe some excitement.

This is one of those days. My life has been run by a semesterly schedule for a very long time now (12 years. Yikes.), and so the end of September/beginning of October is always particularly important and poignant. The beginning of September is ruled by school starting, but by now, I’ve settled into a routine. I know my classes and my schedule. Everything is a little more relaxed – even the weather.

This will not be the case in November and December, as finals-induced mania will be setting in.

But for right now, things seem calm. Peaceful. Hopeful.

I feel content and happy.

Since you know how I feel about lists, I thought I’d do one today about the things I’ve loved about September and the things I’m looking forward to in October. So here it is: A Happy List!

  • My new job. Now that my job at the hospital has finished, I have a new one starting this weekend. Guess where? TEAVANA. That’s right, I will be working in tea heaven. I am so excited by this development! I’ve been trying to get in with Teavana for about a year, for obvious reasons, and the stars finally aligned. Orientation is this Saturday, and I start for real next week. I am over the moon.
  • A decent grade on my first Human Nutrition exam. We got them back yesterday, and I got a solid 85%. I, of course, wanted an A – but now I know what Professor L’s tests are like and what she’s looking for in responses. This will help me study much better for the next three tests. And it could have been much worse! I’ll take an 85, thank you very much.
  • The amazing gluten-free selection at my local Giant Eagle. I am a creature of habit, and so even though I moved to a new city five years ago, I’ve still been driving to my old Giant Eagle whenever I need to shop there. In my defense, the “cities” are like five minutes apart, and I very rarely shop at the Eagle. BUT. I went in there last night because I was in the neighborhood and wanted some gluten free Eggos (G.E. is the only chain near me that carries them). And damn! They had a huge GF aisle with all kinds of goodies, including some I haven’t seen other places (the muffin mix? HELLO!) and some I love that have been discontinued elsewhere (the oatmeal – amazing. Go buy some right now. You’ll thank me). I guess I’ll be adding this “new” Giant Eagle into my shopping rotation 🙂

(c) Healthy Emily

  • Knitting and crocheting in general. It’s fall – that means it’s time to switch from cotton dishcloths and other small projects to sweaters and blankets. This is a yarncrafter’s favorite time of year, before the insanity holiday gift-making sets in. We get to knit for ourselves, lovely things that have been languishing in the closet since that last cool day of spring
  • Fall food. Fall is the best time for baking! Like with knitting, the weather has finally cooled off enough to justify turning on the oven, and all kinds of good ingredients are on the store shelves, like caramel and pumpkin. I’m thinking of making some healthy gingerbread today, actually!

What’s on your happy list today?

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