Photo Diary: A Jaunt to Target

I found myself taking an inordinate amount of pictures while I was at Target yesterday – I guess I was just in a camera-happy mood! On the off chance that you will find my photographic adventures amusing, I thought I’d start a new blog feature: the Photo Diary.

This makes it sound much fancier than “Running Around at Target Taking Pictures Like a Crazy Person.”

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A Happy List – 10/28/2015

Here’s what is making my heart smile today. Continue reading

Chronic Illness: When the Internet Gets it Right

I stumbled down a rabbit hole on Pinterest a few weeks back.

Pinterest is fairly dangerous this way. I’ll go on to kill a few minutes, and the next thing I know, it’s two hours later, and I’ve pinned about 30 Doctor Who pins and have clicked from one pin to another so many times that hitting the back button no longer takes me to my home page.

It’s a whole thing. This happens most often with Doctor Who, coloring pages (yes, I know I’m a grown woman), and dessert recipes.

That says something about me. I’m not sure what. Continue reading

And the Winners Are…

(c) StartupStockPhotos,

(c) StartupStockPhotos,

About two weeks ago, I giddly reached both 100 posts and 100 followers on HealthyEmily.

It was a good day 🙂

To thank all of you, my wonderful followers, for reading along with me, I had a contest.

I chose two followers randomly – numbers five and thirty-three – to win an item from my Etsy shop. Continue reading

Quite a Day, was My Day

(c) grimaldello,

(c) grimaldello,

Today I had my second exam in Human Nutrition.

It was exhausting. Here is one of the essay questions on the study guide: Continue reading

Tea Time: A Perfect Autumn Twist

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Truths About Being a Science Major

(c) Sansiona,

(c) Sansiona,

I stumbled across this article from Odyssey Online by Courtnie Mathis a few weeks ago. It’s called “7 Truths About Being a Science Major.”

Now, I do not really consider myself a true science major, at least not yet. I’m getting a nutrition/health science degree. I’m certainly not in the league of, say, biomedical engineering students or those who are pre-med.

But – I am coming to my science major from an English background, and that makes the differences between the two very pronounced to me! Continue reading