Welcome to Heaven: My First Day at Teavana

(c) BBC

Yesterday was my first day in Tea Heaven (aka Teavana, which is a mash up of “tea” and “nirvana,” so it legitimately is Tea Heaven).

Oh my gosh.


Guys. This is going to be the best job ever.

My new apron and a cuppa (c) HealthyEmily

I spent most of my first shift learning how to make the perfect cuppa, and how to run the sample stand.

Teavana has a thing they use to make tea that blew. My. MIND.

(c) teavana.com

(c) teavana.com

It’s called the PerfecTea Maker. You put in the tea and the hot water, then let it steep for the appropriate amount of time. The magic happens when it’s ready. The filter is actually in the bottom of the pitcher, and the whole bottom somehow has sensors. So you pick it up, and set it on top of whatever container you want the tea to go in (your cup, your teapot, a serving pitcher, whatever), and the bottom of the pitcher senses the edges of the container and filters the tea out through the bottom and into the cup without spilling a drop!

Even if the rim of the cup is smaller than the circumference of the bottom of the pitcher, it only empties into the cup.

And when you just set it down on the table to steep, nothing happens! Nothing spills!

It’s some kind of sorcery, guys.

I kept freaking out about how cool it was every time I used it. I really need my team member discount card so I can buy one.

Please note that although I am now a Teavana employee, no one asked me to review their products and my completely freaked-out-jumping-up-and-down-gotta-tell-everyone-I-know reaction to the PerfecTea Maker is 100% my own.

Anyway, the other thing that made this the best first day at work in the history of all time is that they gave me a little notebook to take notes in all day, and a Sharpie pen.

Guys. There is no better pen than a Sharpie pen.

My first day swag. (c) HealthyEmily

My first day swag. (c) HealthyEmily

There are four ways to my heart:

  1. Bring me yummy gluten free food
  2. Make me tea
  3. Take me to a book or yarn store
  4. Give me good office supplies

So Teavana? Already ahead of the game.

In case you couldn’t tell, I am incredibly excited to be working at Teavana. I think it’s going to be an amazing experience.

P.S. Speaking of geekery, for those of you who are also Doctor Who fans, I would like to tell you that when I found the above picture set of Missy and paired it with the title of this post, I nearly laughed myself into an asthma attack. Isn’t it perfect?! I’m telling you, sometimes the universe just aligns in your favor.

What wins over your heart?

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