Triple Digits – and a Thank You Giveaway!

(c) Alexas_Fotos,

(c) Alexas_Fotos,

Yesterday, after I posted my piece about Teavana, WordPress very kindly informed that I have now written 100 posts on HealthyEmily. 100!

Then, I looked at my other numbers, and saw that HealthyEmily now has 105 followers via RSS/email.


I know that for a lot of bloggers, hitting triple digits is small potatoes. But for me, who pretty much just started this blog to let out some feels about chronic illness and share the cool things I’m learning in school and keep myself accountable with working out, that is really impressive. I can’t believe that I’ve put 100 posts worth of work in here. Each post is about 2-3 hours worth of work, so that’s 200-300 hours. That’s 25-37 full workdays, if you break it down.

I also can’t believe that 105 people have signed up to read every one of those posts.

Guys! You are the best!! If I could, I would take each and every one of you out for a glass of Brut.

(c) dirkxiii,

(c) dirkxiii,

I am completely amazed that so many people are interested in my musings on food, fitness, and illness. And every time someone likes, comments on, or contacts me about a post, it means so much to me. It really feels good to know that there are other people out there thinking and feeling the same way I am, whether it’s about wanting to ride a bike in the autumn sunshine or feeling simultaneously invisible and like a freak in the hospital.

Again, I am a very small time blogger, but you guys mean so much to me, and so I want to say thank you! I can’t treat you all to champagne, but I can have a giveaway!

Here’s the deal.

I have an Etsy shop, where I sell things I’ve hand knit or crocheted. Two of my favorite items are my Ninja Coffee Cozy and my Flower Face Scrubbie. Click the links to check them out.

The giveaway details are below. Thanks again, guys! You are awesome, and I’m looking forward to the next 100 posts! And the 100 after that!!

You can enter the contest in five different ways:

  1. Follow this blog, either on WordPress or through the RSS feed. If you are already following me using one of those methods, you automatically have one entry.
  2. Follow one of my boards on Pinterest. (only one board counts – even if you follow five boards, you will only have one entry). Because not everyone on Pinterest follows my blog, if you already follow me on Pinterest, let me know and link to your profile.
  3. Follow me on Twitter (full disclosure – this is a joint account for HealthyEmily and for my Etsy shop). Because not everyone on Twitter follows my blog, if you already follow me there, let me know and link to your profile.
  4. Comment on a post. Any post on this blog. The comment must be posted after 1:00 PM EST on 10/9/2015 – previous comments do not count as an entry. If the comment is deemed rude or offensive by me, it will be deleted and will not count as an entry.
  5. Refer a friend to HealthyEmily! If you tell someone how much you like the blog, and they complete any of the four actions above, you will get one extra entry. Please note: you can only get one extra entry. Even if your friend does all four things, that only counts as one entry. Please also note: Your friend must mention your name – either by letting me know using the contact page on this blog (if they choose options 1, 2, or 3), or mentioning you by name (first and last) in their comment for you to get the extra entry. If your friend does not mention you, you are not eligible for the extra entry.

So say, for example, that you already follow the blog, a board on Pinterest, Twitter, and have referred a friend. You need to contact me via the contact page and link to your profiles on Pinterest and Twitter. You get an automatic entry for following the blog already. And then your friend needs to contact me via the contact page and mention you by first and last name. That will get you four entries.

Hopefully that all makes sense! Basically, if you already follow me anywhere but the blog, you need to let me know via the contact page. Commenting between now and next Thursday gets you an additional automatic entry. And following the blog (already or starting now) gets you an automatic entry without having to contact me at all.

Fine Print:

Unfortunately, I can only provide free shipping to those in the continental US. If you are in Hawaii, Alaska, or outside the US, you can still enter, but you will have to pay for shipping. The contest ends at 11:59pm EST on Thursday, October 15, 2015 (one week from today). Max amount of entries per person is five (5). Four winners will be chosen randomly from all entrants. Winners will be listed in a blog post on Sunday, October 18, 2015. If you are listed as a winner, you must contact me via the contact page of this blog with your choice of prize (Ninja Coffee Cozy or Flower Face Scrubbie), and your full mailing address, by 11:59 PM EST Tuesday, October 20, 2015. If you are an international participant, I will send you a link to pay for shipping. If you do not contact me by this time, or if you are an international participant and do not pay for shipping by this time, you will forfeit your winner status and prize.

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