Truths About Being a Science Major

(c) Sansiona,

(c) Sansiona,

I stumbled across this article from Odyssey Online by Courtnie Mathis a few weeks ago. It’s called “7 Truths About Being a Science Major.”

Now, I do not really consider myself a true science major, at least not yet. I’m getting a nutrition/health science degree. I’m certainly not in the league of, say, biomedical engineering students or those who are pre-med.

But – I am coming to my science major from an English background, and that makes the differences between the two very pronounced to me! I complain a lot already about how much bigger science textbooks are than English textbooks. Instead of a nice little novel that fits in my purse and a notebook, I now have to lug a giant textbook that could probably stop a bullet, a huge binder full of notes and handouts, and possibly my laptop to and from every class.

I’m going to be a hunchback. It’s a very real possibility.

This article points out seven more things about being a science major that definitely made me laugh! Some of them I never thought about, but they made me go, “Holy crap, that is so true!” Science courses truly are their whole own culture.

My favorites (stuff directly from the article in italics):

  • There is no “syllabus week.” Coming back to college in the fall is one of the best times of the year. Welcome week has become most students’ favorite on-campus holiday. But then you have syllabus week: another widely celebrated week of no responsibilities… Unless you’re a science major that is. While your other friends get to enjoy this week of getting to know their professors and class expectations, you get to learn about IUPAC nomenclature of alkanes on the first day of organic chem.

Oh, IUPAC. How you have changed my life. This is actually one of the things I loved about biochem – figures, right? The English major likes to name things.

  • You get totally geeked out when you learn an awesome new fact. Today in genetics you learned about mosaicism. The fact that somebody can have a disease in part of their total body cells but normal throughout all others gets you so hype. Even though you know that your family, friends and neighbors don’t actually care about your science facts, you HAVE to tell them all anyways.

Witness this post, wherein I babble for 700-some words about how the body signals itself to take glucose into the cells to make energy. And you can absolutely expect a post soon ALL ABOUT  how the body uses fats, protein, and carbs to function, and why we need all three, and thus the Atkins diet is a complete load of crap and very unhealthy.


(c) workandapix,

(c) workandapix,

  • There is never enough time in a day. You are always stuck choosing between studying, eating, sleeping and having fun. If you’re lucky, you’ll get three of these done in one day. But if you’re a risk taker, you can try to do all of these at once.

I think I’ve written enough about Netflix here for you guys to know exactly how much of a risk-taker I am!! 🙂

Anyway, the full article is hilarious and so, so true. Click over and check it out!

Which is your favorite? Is there something even better/funnier/more true missing from the list?

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