Chronic Illness: When the Internet Gets it Right

I stumbled down a rabbit hole on Pinterest a few weeks back.

Pinterest is fairly dangerous this way. I’ll go on to kill a few minutes, and the next thing I know, it’s two hours later, and I’ve pinned about 30 Doctor Who pins and have clicked from one pin to another so many times that hitting the back button no longer takes me to my home page.

It’s a whole thing. This happens most often with Doctor Who, coloring pages (yes, I know I’m a grown woman), and dessert recipes.

That says something about me. I’m not sure what.


This particular rabbit hole had nothing to do with any of those things. Instead, it had to do with chronic illness posts on Buzzfeed.

First, this showed up on my feed: 28 Times Tumblr Perfectly Described Dealing with Chronic Pain. Obviously, I clicked it. Who doesn’t love a good gif set?

It made me smile, laugh, and tear up.

Oh, Buzzfeed. Your gif sets are the best gif sets.

Then, as you probably surmised from the beginning of this whole post, I also read about 800,000 more BuzzFeed and Tumblr pins about chronic illness. Here are the other two that were my favorites:

19 Things People with Chronic Illness Want You to Know

What You Say to Someone With Chronic Pain and What They Hear

I’m going to list my favorites from all three for you here, because…well, just because they’re either funny because they’re true or tear-inducing because they’re true. If you have a chronic illness, or know someone who does, get ready to laugh. And cry. And then hug someone who gets it.

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