A Happy List – 10/28/2015

Here’s what is making my heart smile today.

  • Took a beautiful walk down by a nearby lake, crunching through the leaves. I just got new glasses with Transitions lenses, and they are AWESOME. I walked an extra ten minutes or so, just to keep playing with them. Since I don’t wear contacts, I haven’t been able to wear sunglasses in ages.
  • Listening to a great new book on CD. I usually listen to books while I’m driving to and from school, since it’s about 45 minutes one-way. I finished my previous one about two weeks ago, and have been waiting for this one to come in from the library. I’ve been wanting to read this series for a long time. Cinderella as a cyborg? How can that NOT be good?
(c) Amazon.com

(c) Amazon.com

  • I have been on a huge coloring kick lately. I almost always knit and crochet while I’m watching TV, and that’s awesome. I love knitting and crocheting. But since this is getting to be the busy time of the year for my Etsy shop, by the time I’m done making orders, I don’t always feel like working on my own projects. I recently unearthed a box of colored pencils when I was purging my possessions (more on that another time), and then went crazy finding grown up coloring pages on Pinterest. It’s very soothing, and uses different hand muscles than knitting does, so it’s a nice break. I just started this very seasonal one last night, and it’s making me absurdly happy.
(c) HealthyEmily

(c) HealthyEmily

  • Daredevil!! I finally finished watching this series on Netflix with my brother this week. I pink puffy heart Charlie Cox – he’s been on Downton Abbey and was the star of Stardust, which is one of my all-time favorite, would-bring-to-a-desert-island movies. Since I love a good super-hero story anyway, when I found out he was the star of Daredevil, I obviously had to watch it. He does all his own stunts in this show – if you watch it, you’ll understand just how damn amazing that is. It’s reeeeeally good. Except for Karen, who I freaking hate. I know that the writers can write well for women, because Claire and Vanessa are awesome. So why is Karen a simpering ninny, who brings to life every single cliche about a super-hero’s love interest? I do not believe for a single second that she would have (SPOILERS! SKIP THE REST OF THIS ITEM IF YOU HAVE NOT YET WATCHED AND PLAN TO!!!!!) gotten the drop on Wesley. Not in a million years. She’s too much of a ninny and he is way too badass. But otherwise – loved it!


  • Teavana, obviously! I brought home two teas this week – one in a super cute tin – S’mores and Peach Tranquility. Smores is an oolong blend, and is kind of cinnamony/autumnal tasting. It has actual dried marshmallows in with the leaves! How awesome is that? And Peach Tranquility is an herbal blend (a tisane, if you want to be fancy) with peaches as the main character. It’s caffeine free and is amazing just before bed. I’ve been enjoying them immensely.

What’s making you happy this week?

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