Photo Diary: A Jaunt to Target

I found myself taking an inordinate amount of pictures while I was at Target yesterday – I guess I was just in a camera-happy mood! On the off chance that you will find my photographic adventures amusing, I thought I’d start a new blog feature: the Photo Diary.

This makes it sound much fancier than “Running Around at Target Taking Pictures Like a Crazy Person.”

You know, whatever works!

First up: I think I’ve mentioned before that my best friend had her first baby this summer. My honorary niece is the cutest freaking baby I have ever seen, and I cannot stop shopping for her. Luckily, I’m pretty broke, so my “shopping” consists of snap chatting my friend pictures of super cute stuff I see in various stores (much easier on the wallet).

I saw these winter boots for babies, craftily put on an end cap in the shoe department, and actually started squealing out loud. Luckily, no one else was around.

(c) HealthyEmily

Can you even STAND these? Good heavens.

Next, I walked past the toy aisle. I normally stroll right by here, but they had a display of Minecraft stuff. My brothers and most of the guys I know are hardcore into Minecraft (I even crocheted one of them a Minecraft Creeper for Christmas last year), so I had to stop and laugh at the swords and take note of their prices for a certain holiday that is all-to-quickly approaching.

(c) HealthyEmily

They’re made of a really sturdy foam, which means they should hold up to guys in their mid-twenties whacking each other with them.

Next up: clothes! I am loving Target’s new line of clothing, Ava and Viv.  I discovered them because of A Girl Obsessed, my favorite beauty/fashion blog. Their jeans are actually mid-rise, which is fantastic, and their shirts are relatively cheap, come in a bunch of cool solid colors, and actually fit like a shirt is supposed to. I added two new colors to my collection:

(c) HealthyEmily

So pretty! I wore the orange one to work today with a black skirt and lacy tights and boots, and looked super cute.

I’ve been saying a lot of things are super cute in this post. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Then it was over to food, where I got a variety of gluten free goodies, my favorites being Udi’s mac’n’cheese and double chocolate chip muffins.

(c) HealthyEmily

Ate the mac for dinner when I got home! Yum!! (c) HealthyEmily

Guys, if they’re called muffins, you can totally eat them for breakfast.

Next, as I walked by the pet aisle, I saw these AMAZING pet costumes, and all I could think about was this hat on my cat:

(c) HealthyEmily

She lets me put pretty much anything on her, so I know she would wear it. But if I’m not buying things for actual, live babies, then I’m not buying things for my cat (except, you know, food and such).

Finally, we stopped at Starbucks for their new Halloween drink: The Vampire Frappuccino. It was technically the day before Starbucks started serving them, but the baristas in our Target Starbucks know us pretty well (we’re in there twice a week, minimum), so they agreed to make them for us.

The only trouble was, they hadn’t memorized the recipe yet, and it was pretty busy, so they forgot an ingredient that makes the middle parts stay separate, and as a result the drinks didn’t look quite as cool as they should have.

(c) HealthyEmily

However, I am not complaining! It was completely delicious and still looked spooky, and it was so nice of them to make them for us despite everything.

My Starbucks people rule.

Please note: although I am reviewing a number of things in this post, no one asked me to. All opinions are my own and I was not paid to write this post.

I know it’s tough to choose – but what are your favorite things at Target right now?

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