Photo Diary: Catching Up

One final down, one more to go.

At this point my brain is in the usual finals mush stage. So I thought I’d catch you up on what’s been going on since Thanksgiving with a photo diary post instead!

Things I saw and thought were cute, the ginormous stack of gift boxes on the floor at work, my dinner of chili cheese fries, and my dessert of a slice of pumpkin roll (I eat around the edges and save the middle for last. The middle is the best part of everything: pumpkin roll, cake, cookies, sandwiches, pancakes…)

Got a horrible flu over starting the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Four days later, I was very excited to be able to eat solid food and drink something besides water! So excited that I took a picture.

A picture my cousin sent me to cheer me up whilst I was sick. She rocks, obviously.

A special order I finished for my Etsy shop: House Greyjoy and House Bolton embroidered scarves.

A really cool gift my friend M got me – we both love the Tudor time period – it’s Henry VIII surrounded by his 6 wives. When you pour in a hot beverage, the wives turn into ghosts and their names/deaths appear instead.

A little dark, but awesome.

Anne of Cleves #FTW!!

Soooo excited for the Christmas special!! RIVER IS BACK!!! If she faces off with Missy, all of my Christmas wishes will have come true.

Stella “quietly” occupying herself while I study.

And that brings us to today!

My Human Nutrition teacher handmade us all soap and gift wrapped them individually. She also rocks.

My healthy-ish snack between finals: popcorn and a peppermint hot chocolate. Yummy and heartening in the face of reviewing five different power points.

So that’s what’s been going on with me! What’s new with all of you?

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