Happy List – 2/2/2016

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(c) Pezibear, pizabay.com, edited by HealthyEmily

The holiday hiatus here at HealthyEmily is over at last – welcome back and thanks for hanging in there with me!

I thought I’d kick off the new year on the blog with a happy list – so here it is: the good things that have happened lately and the good things that are coming soon.

  • My job. I continue to love working at Teavana. I’ve always wanted to work in a tea shop, and having that dream come true this year was one of the best things about that jerk 2015. Plus, coming home and smelling like tea is way better than coming home and smelling like a hospital.
  • A break. After the insanity that was November 21-January 9 (I’m not going to whine about it here because this is, after all, a happy list; but trust me, it was rough), I decided that I needed to ease things up a little. So I’m taking a break from school this semester. I will probably go back in the summer – but probably only part-time. I was trying to rush and get my degree as fast as possible so I could “just get a freaking job already,” but the stress of it all made me no longer enjoy it. So I’m easing back, taking a break, and enjoying it immensely. Since I taught for so long, I have never really been “a grown up” in the sense that I go to work and then come home and do whatever the heck I want. I’ve always come home and had lessons to plan, papers to grade, quizzes to write, or my own homework to do. It’s such a relief to finish a shift and just be done.
  • Scones! I’ve been experimenting with scone recipes quite a bit so far in 2016, trying to find the perfect one. I have a go-to recipe I’ve used for a long time, but it produces more a of a dessert-type scone, and since my recent obsession with The Great British Baking Show and the lovely scones they’ve had, I want to find something more hearty. I’ll do a recipe round-up and some reviews for you soon, but if you’re interested in seeing some of the recipes I’ve tried in the mean time, check out my Tea Time board on Pinterest.

pinterest tea time board

  • Downton Abbey. It’s back!!!!!! My all-time favorite, watch-it-when-I’m-happy, watch-it-when-I’m-sad, watch-it-when-I’m-sick, watch-it-when-I’m-healthy, watch-it-while-I-knit, watch-it-when-I’m-alone, watch-it-with-all-my-friends show is back! I’ve had a lot of fun discussing it with customers at work, too. I am so sad that it’s the final season, but I am also enjoying every minute of it. 
  • New workouts. I found a great new app for finding and keeping track of weight lifting. Now that I’m no longer working with a personal trainer, this has been awesome (again, review to come!). I’ll talk more in a later post about what I’ve been doing so far in 2016 to stay fit, but for now I’ll just say that I am heartily enjoying getting my heart rate up and noticing actual defined muscles in my arms again 🙂

So that’s what’s going on with me right now – fill me in! What’s new with all of you? What’s making you happy so far this year?

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