From the Archives – Article Review: A Man Eats Food “Made for Women” 2015 2015

I saw this article on Twitter this morning. The title immediately captured my attention, so I clicked.

I hate ads for “woman food.” They’re usually patronizing and unrealistic. The women in them look perfect – even ads with older women, like Jamie Lee Curtis or Sally Fields. The foods generally taste like crap and fill about a tooth, rather than your stomach.

The exception – that I know of; there may well be others – is Skinny Cow stuff.  From the ice cream to the candy, that shit is delish. Possibly the stupidest name ever, but it’s really good. Thankfully, Adam Raymond of agrees with me.

What made me really happy while reading this was that Raymond says he was constantly starving while he ate “woman food.”  These foods are marketed as indulgences that won’t add a single ripple to our thighs or bulge to our tummies, but they are as far from and indulgence as I can imagine. It’s another way the diet industry has its grip on us: convince us to eat disgusting food and mentally trick ourselves into believing they’re treats, and then make us feel bad about what fat piggies we are for still being hungry when we’re done. There must be something wrong with us, right?

Please. There is nothing wrong with us, and we’re still hungry because we didn’t get enough nutrients from the food we just ate.

Again, I know that not all companies market this way, and I know that all diet foods don’t fit into this pattern, but I get so frustrated when I think about how many do.

This article was a great – and humorous – reminder of how much I tend to buy into all that garbage, and how ridiculous it all really is.

P.S. I also think it’s incredibly telling that when I started to do keyword research for this post, I typed in “food for women,” and 90% of the options that came up involved the words “healthy” or “diet.” Nothing about “delicious” or “yummy” or even “good.”

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