From the Archives: In Which I am Quoted…Plus, Valentine’s Day Goodies

© Kirsty Pargeter -

© Kirsty Pargeter –

I am heartily ashamed of how long it’s been since I posted here.  In my defense, I have reached the stage of early semester exhaustion in which I no longer wear makeup or real shoes.  It’s fake Uggs and a naked face for me pretty much every day.

From here, I can only descend into wearing sweatpants outside of the house.  It won’t be pretty.

Anyway, one of the dietitians I follow on Twitter*, Caroline Kaufman, tweeted last week asking her followers for their favorite Valentine’s movies.  I recommended my current fave: The Decoy Bride.  It’s super cheesy, but in a good way, is set in Scotland (land of my heart), and stars David Tennant, my favorite doctor.  What else do you need in a Valentine’s movie?  Nothing, I tell you.

She, being a totally awesome person, was putting together a post for her blog about a stay-in Valentine’s day: a list of romantic comedies and menus to go along with them.

As I said.  Totally awesome.

And, even better, she included The Decoy Bride and came up with a Scottish-themed menu to go with it.  I was pretty excited – to be honest, I’m not sure what I would include on a Scottish menu besides haggis and oatcakes (despite it being the land of my heart, I’m not super up on their more modern foodstuffs).  She also quoted me! It kind of made my day.

The movies on her list are basically my top five romantic comedies ever (with the exception of The Notebook, which I kind of hate.  Please don’t throw things at me).  And the menus she put together for each one are pretty fantastic – for When Harry Met Sally, she suggests a deli platter and coconut macaroons with chocolate sauce on the side.


You can read her post here, and I highly suggest doing so if, like me, you would rather avoid the crowds this weekend and would rather snuggle up with Netflix and some good food.

I also promise to be back much sooner than a month and half from now with some pictures from my Food Science labs – pretty much all we do is cook food and taste it.  So much better than sniffing aromatic amines in Chemistry.  I transferred the pictures off my phone today, so the post will be coming soon.

*             *              *

*I’m @SweetheartsSts over there – it’s my main social media account for my Etsy site.  Click the links below to follow me! My main social media site for this blog is Pinterest – I pin all kinds of yummy recipes and drool-worthy pictures over there.  Come say hi!!

2 thoughts on “From the Archives: In Which I am Quoted…Plus, Valentine’s Day Goodies

    • Yes, that lab was a doozy. I kept identifying scents incorrectly – like thinking the banana scented one was rum scented. I didn’t know you could fail at smelling!! 🙂 Making and eating food is definitely better.


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