Review: Gluten Free Quaker Instant Oats

Oh my gosh, you guys.


I was innocently strolling through the supermarket with my mom, shopping away, once seemingly unimportant day two weeks ago. We headed down the oatmeal aisle so my mom could get her usual multi-flavor pack. I wistfully looked over the aisle, thinking, I wish Quaker would come out with some gluten free oatmeal.  Gluten free brands just don’t live up.

And guess what my wondering eyes beheld?

GLUTEN FREE QUAKER INSTANT OATS. Both regular and maple-brown-sugar.

Now, before you think I am some kind of sorceress who can will whatever gluten free foods she wishes to appear on the supermarket shelf (Lord, I wish that were true), I am quite often in the habit of wistfully gazing at the aisles my mom or friends are shopping in and wishing that major brands would come out with gluten free options.

It just isn’t often my wishes come true.

I grabbed a maple-brown-sugar because it is obviously the best flavor of oatmeal to have ever been created. I only took one on the off chance in didn’t taste good (don’t want to waste money on crappy GF food. I’ve done way to much of that in the past).

Reader, I have been back twice in the last two weeks to buy more. I’ve eaten it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (although not all in the same day. I’m not crazy, after all).

The oatmeal comes in packets that are apparently double the size of their regular oatmeal packets (according to my mom. Don’t quote me on this). You use two-thirds of a cup of water or milk and microwave.

I once had a terrible experience with gluten free oatmeal and water (puke), so I was a little gun-shy and used milk. It was delicious. I didn’t add anything else in – not a pat of butter or more brown sugar or any of the other ingredients with which I used to doctor my oats.

One kind of pathetic issue is that I haven’t had Quaker oats in thirteen years. When I took the bowl out of the microwave for the first time, the texture looked really runny with the chunks of oats. GF oatmeal I’ve had in the past does not look like that – it’s more like a thick gruel kind of consistency. I had to ask my brother and my mom if it looked the way it was supposed to because it kind of freaked me out! They assured me that their oatmeal always looks just like that, so I confidently took my first bite.

It. Was. AMAZING!!! Creamy yet with plenty of bite, mapley and sweet (but not overly sweet), and as I ate I suddenly remembered how my oatmeal back in the day used to seep back into any trail left behind in the wake of the spoon. The GF oatmeal I’ve been eating is too gelatinous to do that – you scoop out a bite and it basically holds its shape.

I have a lot of love for companies that have been making GF stuff for years. They were there for me when the big companies weren’t. But Quaker is a top brand for a reason (so is Barilla. I heart their GF noodles). Their instant oatmeal simply blew every other brand I’ve had in the last thirteen years out of the water. It makes my taste buds happy and my heart smile.

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