Valentine’s Day Workout: A Routine to Make You Feel Strong and Sexy

(c) geralt, [6], text added by HealthyEmilyIf you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that I love themed stuff. Whether it be a Pinterest board, a super festive holiday outfit, or a punny menu planned around an event, I am all for it.

While I know some people who hate Valentine’s Day, I am not one of them. Even if I’m single, I’m all about dressing in pink and red and binging my favorite romantic comedies all day (or, alternatively, every single Valentine’s Day episode of The Office). It’s just fun.

I thought I’d share my favorite Valentine’s Day workout videos with you. There are three of them, and all together, they make up a 40 minute long routine that covers all the bases (cardio, strength, and mobility). And they’ll get you in the red, pink, and sparkly heart covered mood.Whether you’re planning a romantic weekend, a girls’ weekend, or hanging out and watching Netflix by your lonesome this weekend, you can still feel strong and sexy. Because we are!

So here we go:

We’re going to start out with a little Zumba. This is a beginner’s routine, but it’s easy to modify the movements to more advanced versions if you’re a Zumba pro. Either way, few workouts will make you feel as sexy as a booty-shaking Zumba fest. This video is about 14 minutes long.

Next up is a little cardio kickboxing. The video is led by Denise Austin – I like her a lot as a teacher. Her moves are easy to follow, and she isn’t as annoying as many teachers are.  Channel your inner (or outer) superhero for about 22 minutes.

Last, we’ll end things with a little of my favorite type of workout: yoga. This brief routine is only 4 minutes long, and is focused on moves that open up your heart (yeah, it’s cheesy, and yeah, I love it). It’s perfect to stretch out and cool down.

So, this workout is dancing, fighting, and opening your heart – pretty much a standard Valentine’s Day by any measure 🙂

Want more??(c) PeteLinforth, [2]

If you’re looking for some fun partner workouts -also very Valentine’s Day-ish, and you can do them with your S.O. or your BFF – check out these plans:

Buddy Up: The Partner Workout

Six Challenging Partner Exercises (all body weight movements!)

And if you’re looking for some great themed workout music, this post has 10 awesome playlists that are themed-within-the theme (i.e. for single ladies on V-Day, soul music, “crooner classics,” 80’s music, etc).

What are you up to this weekend? Are you on the pro-Valentine’s bandwagon, or are you of the anti- persuasion?

P.S. You can also find these, as well as my other favorite YouTube workouts, on my channel.

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