Photo Diary: A Day in My Life


What I woke up to this morning. She partied hard last night, my friends, and raided both the yarn basket and the garbage. Whew. What a time.

Made some of my new favorite morning tea – Teavana (obviously) Cococaramel Sea Salt with Black Dragon Pearl and a touch of vanilla creamer. Tastes like heaven.

I work for the punniest company in the world. Oh, Teavana…how you tickle me!


Mmmm, lunch at the food court. Vanilla frozen yogurt (real frozen yogurt, with live cultures and everything) with strawberries, kiwi, peanuts, and a wee sprinkling of chocolate. I’m following Teavana’s advice and getting plenty of vitamin C (haha!) and hitting all the major food groups (yes, chocolate is a food group) and quite filling.

Home from work and a bit of knitting in the evening. This lace shawl is going to be gorgeous! (please kindly ignore the cat hair on my leg. I would really appreciate it.)


Time to hit the workout room for some weight training and stationary biking. My hamstrings and lower back have been super tight and hurting lately, so I looked up how to do some stretches my old personal trainer used to do with me back in the day. Thank you, for hooking me up.

Time for some Downton Abbey and a bit of adult coloring. Isn’t it the worst when you pick up your colored pencils and they all fall out of the box? #AdultColoringProblems

Bedtime. After a long day, who cares if your socks match your PJs? As long as they make you happy. I call these my Elphaba socks.

What did you get up to yesterday?

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