Recipe Roundup: An Irish Breakfast

I saw this post by Kara Lydon, aka the Foodie Dietitian, on Twitter earlier this week.  She’s been writing about her travels through Ireland, which of course is the second best thing to writing about travels through Scotland, in my humble opinion.

You should definitely read her post, because she talks all about the restaurants she visited and all the sights she saw.  It’s wonderful!



But, the breakfast she tweeted a pic of and wrote about looked SO GOOD that I wanted to nom it right up. So I did what any amateur cook who loves research would do: I hit the internet.

Kara was kind enough to respond to a tweet I send her, asking what that lovely spread could possibly consist of: porridge with roasted berries, a fresh scone*, and, of course, tea.

Here’s the roundup of all the recipes I found and would like to try. I’ll be choosing a few for Sunday morning brunch tomorrow!

Porridge with roasted berries. Very similar to oatmeal – just made with a different grain. If you are gluten free and need to go the oat route, make sure to get certified GF oats. Bob’s Red Mill are my favorite.

(c) iha31,

(c) iha31,

This one is for steel cut oatmeal, and includes the recipe for the roasted berries. The berries recipe looks super easy.

This one is made with millet, which is naturally gluten free. The berries included in the recipe for this one are strawberries.

This one also looks great, and includes yogurt, which I think would make for a really smooth texture to your porridge. It calls for demerara sugar, which is really just large-grain sugar with a warm brown color. If you’re in a pinch, you can use brown sugar, although I wouldn’t recommend that in a full on baking recipe.

Finally, if you’re super brave, this paleo recipe makes the porridge from riced cauliflower. Kind of interesting, and also super healthy, if that’s what you’re looking for!

Scones. My favorite breakfast pastry since I’ve been GF and can’t make Danish on my own. Scones are super easy to make and incredibly delicious. I have some favorite recipes already, but I wanted to look up authentic Irish recipes.

This is the one I’m dying to try. The author learned the recipe from a traditional Irish baking class. She describes them as “so light and moist that they fall between a cake and a well-made muffin.” My mouth is already watering.

(c) FirstAlt,

(c) FirstAlt,

This one also claims to be authentically Irish. The author has sort of cobbled together a bunch of different Irish scone recipes into one “master scone.” These look soft and crumbly.

These, from Bon Appetit, also claim to be biscuit-like. While this is not strictly traditional, they do look yummy.

Finally, this recipe comes from Kerrygold, the makers of the fabulous Irish butter that melts in your mouth like a dream. Can it get more authentic than that? (unless to the Irish, Kerrygold is the equivalent of Olive Garden to Italians. I’m not sure on this one.)

Tea. We already talked about tea this week, so I’ll just say this: Irish Breakfast is my already my favorite black tea, so that’s definitely on my menu.

Which of these recipes looks the best to you? Have you ever had breakfast in Ireland? Tell me all about it!

*In Scotland and Ireland, scone is actually pronounced skon, like it rhymes with gone. So if you want to be authentic, keep that in mind!

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