“F*ck That” – A Guided Meditation

(c) johnhain, pixabay.com

(c) johnhain, pixabay.com

I am not really big on meditation. I get really fidgety, and my type-A brain can’t be quiet for long periods of time. This is why I have to have music on to fall asleep, for example (it’s really soothing spa-type music, but still). My brain needs to be occupied in some way in order for me to relax. Of course, if I’m reading or knitting or whatever I’ll be quiet and still for hours – but I have something to do. I also find yoga incredibly relaxing – but then I’m focusing on trying not to fall over or how long it will be before my thigh muscles give out and I collapse. Normal stuff, you know.

All that being said, when I saw the post about a guided meditation by Jason Headley called “‘F*ck That’ Meditation is no BS” over on YogaDork, I had to click. I’ve been under a ton of worry and stress lately, so it was worth a shot.  And how could meditation combined with profanity not be awesome?

And, of course, it was.

I started out just laughing while I watched it, but before I knew it, my breathing had slowed and steadied, and by the end of the two-and-a-half minute video, my tension headache and stress stomachache were completely gone.

Try it out – unless you’re offended by or don’t like profanity. In that case, you should definitely NOT try it out.

You should also probably make sure no one else is around, too. You know – kids and bosses and such.

How do you feel about meditation? If you tried this video, let me know how you liked it!

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