A Dinner on Theme: “It’s All Green!”

Saint Patrick’s Day Yumminess

I have Scottish blood, not Irish. Ask anyone who is one or the other, and they will emphatically tell you that they’re Not. The. Same.

And yet, this doesn’t stop the annual Irish Festival from selling Scottish merchandise, and vice versa. Wrong on so many levels.

However, even I cannot resist the siren’s call that is a themed holiday. I wear pink and red on Valentine’s, make heart themed foods, and watch romantic comedies. At Christmas, basically my entire life glitters like the inside of a snow globe. So when Saint Patrick’s Day comes around, I bust out every piece of clothing I own that’s green (although I don’t go this far), start making soda bread and corned beef, add green food coloring to pretty much everything else (pancakes currently being my favorite), and listen to my favorite Irish folk band and “One Short Day” from Wicked all day.

So for those of us who adore the cheese fest that is a themed holiday, I’ve started a new Pinterest board with all the awesome Saint Patrick’s recipes I’ve been collecting to try out this year. Click the screen shot above to check it out…and if you have a favorite recipe you want me to include, link to it in the comments!

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